How does water get into the vehicle floor

10 tips against moisture in the car


Especially in the cooler seasons, you can see many vehicles in traffic with the windows fogged up from the inside. You can avoid moisture in the car. AUTOFAHRERSEITE.EU shows how it's done.

A large part of the moisture is brought into the interior of the car through wet clothing, damp shoes and umbrellas, but a lot of water also gets into the car through the ventilation. If the air conditioning is operated too seldom in winter, moisture can accumulate in the supply lines and be blown into the vehicle when it is started up. Here the water condenses on the cooler windows and makes its way towards the vehicle floor, where it sticks to the carpets.

Here are the tips for a dry vehicle:

  1. Avoid entering the vehicle with wet clothing. For example, climb B. in a parking deck or in a garage in your vehicle, the clothes in the trunk on a towel or the like. be filed. Also place wet umbrellas that are no longer needed on a towel after shaking them out vigorously in the trunk. Remove the towel from the vehicle after use.
  2. After the warm-up phase, set the air conditioning system including the heating fan to full power and the highest heating level, open all ventilation channels and, with the windows open, direct the moisture that has accumulated in the supply lines out of the car for two minutes.
    Caution: Please only do this when the vehicle is stationary at the roadside or at the parking lot, as the windshield can suddenly fog up!
  3. Have the cabin filter of your vehicle changed regularly (approx. Every 15,000 kilometers). Effective air circulation in the vehicle cannot be guaranteed with used, clogged filters.
  4. If there is moisture in the footwell, old newspapers can help. Simply put a newspaper under the doormat overnight. Remove the damp newspaper the next morning. Please do not use on light upholstery, as the printing ink can rub off.
  5. Grease the vehicle's seals well with a special grease stick that extends the service life of the seals and keeps moisture out.
  6. Keep processes at the doors free. Check the drainage holes in the doors. If dirt has accumulated there, the water drainage is often blocked. Simply carefully clear it with a soft wire or something similar.
  7. There are also water drains below the windshield in the engine compartment, please check and expose them. Remove leaves and dirt to prevent re-clogging.
  8. Dog owners should have a blanket ready as a base for the dog. Please take them out of the car in the evening when wet.
  9. Dehumidifiers or dehumidifier pillows are a good thing. Simply place it in the car and check it daily. Dry the pillow when it is wet, replace the granulate with dehumidifiers, remove water. A ventilated container of dry rice that is put in the car overnight can also help as a home remedy.
  10. Have a microfiber cloth or sponge ready for steamed-up windows in the car. Please only use when the vehicle is stationary and replace after use.


It should be much drier in your vehicle. If the measures are unsuccessful, there may be defects in the vehicle. Please reserve an appointment at your free workshop as soon as possible and have the car checked by a specialist, as electronic components can be negatively affected or even destroyed by moisture.

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