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Monday question - your own fanfiction?


Even today the little book eater poses a question that stimulates me to answer. (Maybe also to give a sign of life, thanks to a cold, I just don't have the concentration to read.)


Have you ever written a fanfiction for a book?

Here I have to break a lance for fan fiction. Many book readers dismiss these as silly, childish, inferior in quality, etc. And if you look at the novels that sometimes came out of it (50 shades!), This judgment seems justified.

In general, almost half of the fanfictions are written so badly that your toenails pop up. From a purely stylistic point of view, we looked at what is in character and out of character.

And a fairly high percentage, partly of the stylistically bad, partly of the stylistically good, actually consists only of repeatedly thrown together representations of sex, preferably between characters for which the creators had never planned anything similar and there were no hints in the original work gave. (Draco / Harry, Snape / Harry, Snape / Hermione, Mycroft / Lestrade - I admit, I like both of them -, ...)

But then there are the real gems there too. The fanfictions that are better than the original, or perfect it, complete the gaps in logic, or illuminate the supporting characters who were then simply carelessly pushed aside in the book.There is fanfiction out there that is so incredibly good that I wish it was licensed.

But I'm afraid I don't write such a thing. I really like to write. And I don't find myself in the sex category. As I've said before, I'm not a big fan of sex in stories (or RL) so I always let it out. But good? I don't think I am either. If I compare myself to the sizes of my fandoms, I'm clearly a further ran ’.

But I rarely write directly about books. I've only written 3 on Harry Potter. Instead 6 for Doctor Who / Torchwood, 21 for Star Trek TOS and one for Sherlock (BBC). There are also novels for all of them, or Sherlock is based on the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, but my fics are clearly based on the series and none of the individual novels.

Overall, I prefer to read fanfiction than write it. It's just that people just don't text me fast enough. There are several thousand stories about Kirk / Spock (they are Canon) but I've got through them all. At least those that don't just involve sex and don't glorify slavery or rape. (Yes, in the early days around 1970 people seemed particularly fond of writing.) And since I just need a small dose of cuteness of love between the two when I'm feeling bad, I sometimes have to write myself.

I feel the same way with Snape and Lily. I like exploring what could have been. JKR herself said that if Snape hadn't fallen into darkness as a student, Lily would have fallen in love with him. (Let's be honest, up to the 7th grade James committed much darker deeds, made himself far more criminal. AND bullied. Then why can she love the disgust package, but let her best friend, a victim of bullying, fall? UNLOGICAL! Character not properly thought out .) But since half the world hates Snape, no one writes stories for him. And those who find him exciting as a character are more likely to let him seduce Harry or Hermione, although in 38 years he has only loved Lily. That too is too illogical for me. Ergo ... if I want to read something there, I have to write it myself.

So to make it short: yes. I write FF on books. But prefer to series. And I'm mediocre at most.

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