Can twins marry each other


Time out from the double pack

Twins are something very special not only for their parents, but also for the environment - especially identical twins who look very similar. And a little admiration is good for the parents as a counterbalance to the double work.

Despite all the joy about the intimate togetherness that twins develop, parents would do well not only to treat the two as a "double pack", but also to promote their individual development. The better the twins can grow into independent personalities and stand on their own two feet. It starts with the clothes; Even small differences (for example different colors with the same design) help the children to perceive themselves as different and make it easier for “strangers” to address each one by their name. Even more important opportunities open up the different preferences, interests and abilities of the twins who watch their parents play. Even if it would be more convenient to take both children to music school instead of one there and the other to do children's gymnastics - the extra effort is worthwhile for the individual development of the two.



in her new loft bed

like the little monkey in the tree nest
calmer and deeper sleep

The face so removed
as if it were out of the world
And there are God's hands too
that grab from above
and you
bear through peril

Franz Forster

Geminis often have a very close relationship with one another and understand each other without big words. It often seems as if they don't need any other playmates. Separate experiences with other children offer an important enrichment, especially for twins. A good opportunity to do this is in the daycare center. Maybe it's worth putting the two of them in different groups? Parents who have to let go of their children for the first time often seem all too daring: won't they miss each other painfully? In everyday kindergarten life, the separation often turns out to be more harmless; many institutions work with “open” or “semi-open” groups in which the children can visit each other. In this way, both twins can each make their own contacts with other children and develop their own interests, they are less compared to one another - and on the birthday each twin in his group is the center of attention! And if the two suffer too much from the separation, parents and teachers can always correct their decision (and maybe try again later).

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