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Sith lords, Black Lords and Sith ladies, once Jen'jidai (Plural of Jen'ari) are the equivalent of the Jedi Masters in the Order of the Sith. They are the most powerful Sith and lead the order. However, at different times this line was handled differently. Before 1003 VSY, the most powerful of the Sith led the order. His original title was Dark Lord of the Sith. The leader later carried the title Darth in front of his name to clarify his claim to this leadership position. The other Sith now all strove to amass more power than the leading lord in order to overthrow him. This ensured for a long time that the strongest of the Sith really led the order.

In the brief phase of the Brotherhood of Darkness, from 1006 VSY to 1000 VSY, this brotherhood officially led the Sith. It represented a community of all Sith Lords. In practice, however, Lord Kaan had control over all lords in the brotherhood and thus also the power over the Sith and forbade the title to prevent disputes between the Sith.

After the destruction of the Brotherhood, Darth Bane reestablished the order as the Order of the Sith Lords. By studying the teachings of the old Sith Lords, he came up with the idea that the Order of the Sith should henceforth only consist of two members, a master who embodies the power of the dark side and a disciple who desires this power. He called this the rule of two. Bane knew that the real power of the dark side was cunning. He was also aware that the destruction of the Jedi could take centuries or millennia. In this section of history, both masters and students can always be viewed as Sith Lords.

With the establishment of the Rule of One by the Sith Lord Darth Krayt, several Sith Lords could again exist in parallel, as in the times of the Brotherhood of Darkness. However, these Sith Lords of the New Sith Order were subordinate to Darth Krayt as the Dark Lord of all Sith and personification of the Sith Order.

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