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Drive away spiders: the best remedies against spiders

With the right means, you can drive away spiders. You can find these animals in every household, large or small. Leave a window or door open, come into the house and hide in the smallest of cracks. You can find out what helps and what to look out for when using it in our article.

Simply means that drive away spiders

You can fight spiders with simple home remedies, but also with special means and techniques from retailers. We have summarized the best tips for you:

  • lavender: Put a vase of fresh lavender on the doors and windows of your apartment. Spiders can't stand the smell and so stay outside. Instead of lavender, you can also use fresh mint and then use it again.
  • cleanliness: One of the most effective remedies against spiders is a clean apartment. Spiders look for houses and apartments in which leftover food can be easily reached. If you use a cleaning agent, use one that is lemon-scented, as it repels spiders.
  • technology: You can drive the spiders out of your apartment with an ultrasonic plug for the socket. A spider catcher helps you to collect the animals and release them outside at a certain distance from your house.
  • spray: As an alternative to lavender and mint, you can also use a spider spray. This is sprayed near windows and other popular spider spots. The agent works effectively against spiders and is harmless to humans, it is also odorless and does not leave any stains.
  • Grid: Spiders get into your apartment through windows and doors, so you should close the entrances with, for example, fly screen doors. Food scraps and rubbish should only be kept in the apartment for a short time, they are a direct invitation for spiders.
  • Catch and release spiders: If it is somehow possible for you to catch and release the spiders, go ahead and do it. Spiders are important to the ecosystem. For example, they eliminate a large number of insects such as annoying flies and flies.

This is how spiders are useful around the house

Make sure you think twice about driving spiders out of your home. In fact, spiders do a great job in your home.

  • Spiders like to eat small insects and catch them in their filigree spun web.
  • Thus, the spiders catch much more annoying insects such as mites, houseflies, moths or mosquitoes in the house.
  • In addition, spiders are a sign of an optimal climate in the room, as it is neither too dry nor too humid.

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(Tip originally written by: Lukas Farwer)