What are some Native American Mythological Stories

General introduction to "Myths"

Holy knowledge is passed on

For the Indians, knowledge of the spiritual forces that lived in nature was extremely important. Tribal elders or storytellers passed this knowledge on in the form of myths and legends. That people talked to animals were by no means fantastic stories for the Indians, but rather the story in the form of myths from the beginning of time. The myths were primarily used for instruction and entertainment.

The storyteller has a special place in North American cultures. However, legends were passed on to the audience not only in the form of language, but also through singing and drumming. Special scenes were depicted as symbols and patterns on everyday objects, blankets, baskets, items of clothing, pottery.

The Indian tribes of the northwest coast possessed the most impressive artistic traditions. Figures from mythology and history were depicted on totem poles and dance masks. The Hopi kachina dolls from the southwest also embody the ancestors and spirits of myths.

Indian myths

The word "myth" comes from the Greek and means the same word or legend - the majority of myths are the myths. Myths are the earliest word-based traditions in the myths of gods, animals, heroes, the creation and the end of a people. They are thus the oldest worldview for nature, history, poetry, philosophy and religion. They are therefore differentiated according to these points of view.

For the Indians, the great spirit was the father and the earth was the mother. Everything is related in some way - a spiritual relationship between humanity and the cosmos.

The earth as well as its history is sacred. Humans and animals have the same dignity. The animal as well as its hunter are part of the cosmic unity and their spirits must be shown respect, even if it is already dead.

All Indian cultures in North America, regardless of the community, have a common understanding of the world. The Indian does not distinguish between the spiritual and the material, between the real and the supernatural, nor between the animate and the inanimate, because everything that exists has a spiritual power or, as the Indian says, MEDICINE.

The sky also counts as part of the cosmos and is thus animated by spirits, such as the spirits of the sun, the moon and the stars, as well as the spirits of the wind and the sea. Likewise there are the spirits of the mountains, rocks, rivers, lakes, forests and plants. All of these spiritual forces depend on the balance of cosmic harmony.

The myths and legends tell of the characters of these ghosts, of the course of the seasons and of the wandering of animals. The rituals and ceremonies as well as the legends confirm the affiliation of the North American Indians to the sacred cosmos.

I would like to tell some of their legends - myths - here.

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