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Simplify term: rule and calculation method

We'll look at how to simplify terms here. Summary of the contents:

  • A Explanationhow to simplify terms.
  • Lots Examples to simplify terms.
  • tasks / Exercises so that you can practice this yourself.
  • Videos for dealing with term expressions.
  • A Question and answer area to this topic.

Let's look at simplifying terms here. It helps a lot to understand it if you already know the basic arithmetic operations, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also, make sure you understand what a variable is. You already know that? Then go on straight away. Otherwise, please read these two topics briefly first.

Explanation of simplifying terms

How can you simplify terms? Let's look at rules and calculation methods.


Rule No. 1: If there are the same variables in terms, then these can be grouped together.

The next three lines show how to summarize terms:

This also works if there is more than one variable. The next three lines show this:

The simplification also works if you use the appropriate numbers. We summarize the terms for this 6xy + 2xy together and then insert x = 2 and y = 3.


Rule No. 2: When calculating with terms, the following order must be observed when calculating:

  1. Brackets
  2. Potencies
  3. Point calculation (multiplication and division)
  4. Line calculation (addition and subtraction)
  5. Left to right

Examples simplify term

Can you also simplify more complex terms? Yes, we will also look at an invoice with detailed calculation steps for this.

example 1:

It should be simplified 2x2y3 + 4x2y3. Then x = 4 and y = 3 should be used.


First the calculation, then the calculation method is explained in detail:

The calculation method:

  • 1st line: The variables in both terms are the same, so we can simply combine 2 + 4 = 6 in the calculation.
  • 2nd line: There are multiplication signs between numbers and variables. So that this becomes clear, I have written this down clearly.
  • 3rd line: We insert x = 4 and y = 3.
  • 4th line: The potencies are calculated first according to the priority rules. We calculate this:
    • 42 = 4 · 4 = 16
    • 33 = 3 · 3 · 3 = 27
  • 5th line: Next, the rule point before line must be observed. We therefore now multiply from:
    • 2 · 16 · 27 = 864
    • 4 · 16 · 27 = 1728
    • 6 · 16 · 27 = 2592
  • 6th line: We see that the summary worked with 2592 = 2592.

Terms simplify tasks / exercises


Simplify terms

Examples of simplifying terms

This video is about reshaping terms:

  • I will show you how to summarize variables in terms.
  • Tasks are calculated.
  • The examples presented are explained step by step.

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