Who doesn't like math

Translation of "I don't like math" in French

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who Math likes, can not stop.
Mather, I like You guys, really, but you're going too far and I've had enough of it.
I know you in Not math are good, but one is probably less than 12.
I mean because ... I see Not math.
I like predictable and I like Greed.
Clear, attractively designed, easy to manipulate, interesting and amusing, it tries to show a wide audience (from absolute beginners to seasoned experts) that “Not math that's what you imagine ".
Clair, bien mis en page, facile à manipuler, intéressant et amusant, il vise à démontrer à un public diversifié (des débutants aux confirmés, pour prendre la terminologie sportive) que "les maths ne sont pas ce quevous croyez ".
I like these patients, I like Hahn and I like Cardiology.
I like no children, I like No class, I like paychecks only.
I like no novels without heroes.
I like Subjects like math and chemistry.
J'aime les matières comme les mathématiques ou la chimie.
I like Special missions and secret tasks.
J'aime les missions spéciales et les objectifs secrets.
I like usually countdowns, but that's bad.
Generalement j'adore Un bon compte à rebors, mais ça c'est mauvais.
I likehow she walks around.
As I said, I like Tenacity.
Comme je vous l'ai déjà dit, j'aime la persévérance.
I like Your rules are not particularly good.
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