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> to the full extent or in full extent ????
> to a considerable extent or to a considerable extent ?????

Both forms are correct here, but the meanings are different. "To the full extent" is the short form of "to the full extent", so the subject here has a specific article. This means that it is about a very specific, previously mentioned or defined scope.

In the case of "in full scope", however, the article is indefinite ("in full scope").

Examples from the Duden, where the difference is explained:

This is how the sentence characterizes The house was in poor condition the constitution of the house in a very general way (= the house was in a bad state). The sentence We have already taken over the house in poor condition on the other hand, indicates the condition as something specific and known (= we have already taken over the house in the poor condition in which it is today). So it is said Because I want to keep myself from premature cynicism ... (Remarque) because the attitude of cynicism is meant in a very general way; however, one could also write Because I want to protect myself from the premature cynicism of this generationbecause here the attitude of cynicism is more precisely determined and fixed by the genitive attribute of this generation.

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> is based on the full confession or is based
> to the full confession ????????? ......

Only "on the full confession" is correct here, since the specific article has already been inserted here.