What is conceptual hypothesis in research

What is a conceptual master's thesis

Under one conceptual master's thesis one understands a thesis of the master’s degree that is based on an analytical examination of the current state of science. The basis for a conceptual master's thesis is that of you researched and elaborated literature to the question or hypothesis.

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What is the goal of a good conceptual master's thesis

One in the foreground conceptual master's thesis is a hypothesis on a specific problem that will be examined in detail in the course of your master's thesis. On the one hand, the existing literature on this topic is taken up and analyzed in order to test the hypothesis. On the other hand, the hypothesis can ultimately be expanded through this analysis by comparing different theoretical approaches.

A written discussion of the hypothesis by the Thesis-antithesis-synthesis model.

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In this approach, two theories are compared with each other and this comparison results in a synthesis. A certain prominent theory can also be examined to see whether it offers a solution for a problem.

What is the structure of a conceptual master's thesis

So one conceptual master thesis follows a logical concept, it is divided into different areas. Above all there is one introduction, in which the problem is presented and the hypothesis that the thesis establishes is mentioned. Then follows the Bulkby making the hypothesis based on the previous one Literature research the hypothesis is examined for their veracity. in the Final part the conceptual master's thesis is followed by a Summary the findings and an analysis of the extent to which the hypothesis could or could not be supported by the literature. There is also space here for a look at other possible questions that have emerged from the analysis.

A perfect master's thesis consists of the following 8 elements:

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