How to grow grass on the patio

How do you create a balcony meadow?

By Christian Glass | April 16, 2020, 4:23 a.m.

Hobby gardeners can also create a real small meadow on the balcony. However, to ensure that no resignation flutters into the house, a few things must be observed. myHOMEBOOK gives tips on how to make the balcony floor bloom.

If you don't have a garden, you don't have to put down the shovel in frustration. With a little skill, even a stressful city dweller can become a relaxed hobby gardener. Anyone who creates a small lawn on the balcony and cares for it can experience waves of happiness that otherwise only work in a "large" garden promises.

Checking the statics - the first requirement for lawns on the balcony

But simply sprinkling soil on the ground, planting seeds and watering them nicely is not a good idea. Damage to the balcony is inevitable and with it the trouble with neighbors and landlords. You should avoid that. In order to ensure that the balcony is not overloaded with too much weight, the structural analysis of the building should first of all be checked. How much a balcony has to withstand - there are legal regulations for this. In short: a distinction is made between old and new buildings. In this article, myHOMEBOOK explains in detail how much weight a balcony can carry.

Sketch for wooden construction helps to convince landlords

Once the payload has been clarified, you definitely need the okay from the landlord. This should be conclusively demonstrated that the masonry does not suffer from the meadow and waterlogging. Similar to a green roof, the floor area must therefore be carefully covered with a suitable film, which in this case is turned up on a wooden frame. Only when everything is sealed in such a way that no water can seep away can the actual gardening work begin.

tip: A sketch of the wooden frame, the foil and the greenery increases the likelihood of getting the "yes" from the landlord!

Here are the instructions for the balcony meadow in individual steps:

Create lawn on the balcony in 5 steps

1. Measure and build a wooden frame

Measure the area on the balcony that is to be greened. Based on the measurements, the wooden frame can then be made. The height of the wooden strips can vary, depending on how deep the layer of earth should lie. However, the minimum size must be ten to 15 centimeters. The wooden strips are then assembled to form the frame using metal brackets.

2. Drainage fleece as the first base for lawn on the balcony

Garden pond owners lay out fleece to protect the pond tarpaulin from sharp stones and branches. On the balcony, on the other hand, the fleece functions as a drainage to prevent permanent moisture build-up between the balcony floor and the construction above. The fleece is cut and laid out to the dimensions of the balcony meadow. The finished wooden frame is then placed on top.

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3. Lay out the pond liner

Now the pond liner comes into play. This is also cut to size, to the size of the area to be planted plus an allowance equal to the height of the frame construction on each side. In this way, the film can be laid out and folded up on the frame.

If water is allowed to run off on one or more sides of the frame (for example into a rain gutter), the foil is cut vertically in the corners of the frame and laid below the frame. Any excess film can then be cut off.

4. Potting soil for the balcony meadow has one disadvantage

Once the film has been laid out or pushed under, a drainage layer can be applied next - but it doesn't have to be. Then the earth or a substrate comes into the frame. However, potting soil has one disadvantage on this small area: it quickly becomes solid.

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5. Special substrate for green roofs is better

A special substrate, such as that available for walk-on green roofs, is more suitable for lawns on the balcony. Depending on the vegetation requirements, various substrates are available in stores. And then you can finally start gardening! Sow, plant and plant to your heart's content. Don't forget to carefully pour everything in at the end!

tip: Regular watering of the balcony meadow is particularly important! Because the water storage capacity is very low due to the small amount of substrate. Especially with sunny balconies and high temperatures, the balcony meadow threatens to turn brown and dry out quickly.

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