What is EyeCue

Eye Cue: A well-rehearsed team

Well-known festival act

Eye Cue are best known for their live performances. You have played at countless major festivals in Macedonia and the Balkans region. So there is a lot of stage experience.

For the ESC stage in Lisbon, Eye Cue now have the title "Lost And Found" in their luggage, which singer Marija Ivanovska immediately fell in love with, as she says. "When I heard the song for the first time, Bojan played it on the piano. I liked it immediately, could feel the emotions directly. After just twenty seconds, I was in love with this melody."

Song about "unconditional love"

The song is about deep and unconditional love, where you can dive deeper into the world of the unknown and experience the magic of true and powerful love, adds Bojan.

"Share emotions"

Now both hope that the ESC audience will also fall in love with the song. "I am very happy that I can sing this song at the Eurovision Song Contest. And have the chance to share my emotions with all the people," says Marija.

So far, Eye Cue's awareness has been limited to the Balkan region. But that should change with their third album, which is planned for spring. Of course, the ESC comes at the right time - as an opportunity to show itself on a large, international stage.

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