Who were apple competitors in the beginning

Blue Whale is convinced that Joya® will continue to be successful in the second half of the season. According to the cooperation, the apple has become an important reference point for all of their customers in the second half of the season.
Since the Joya® 2018 campaign began on January 11th, Blue Whale sales have skyrocketed even faster than expected. Large quantities of Joya® apples were available and the quality of the fruit was also overly good overall, as the Brix content was very good.
With 4,500 tons of apples, the company is more than confident that the Joya® has great potential for fruit consumption in the second half of the season as well. Thanks to the young orchards, Blue Whale expects a further increase in production. In four to five years they want to achieve a total volume of 9,000 tons.
"Blue Whale is seizing the opportunity to open up new markets this season. In fact, the Joya® offers many options for distributors looking for a quality apple that appeals to a broad target group. The Joya® is the last one Apple variety that is harvested and therefore suitable for anyone who prefers a fresher product. "
"In addition, at this time of year there are often foreign apples on the market that have been stored for several months. For every customer in the world - especially in France - who is interested in local production, Joya® offers a new alternative to apples from the south Hemisphere. The variety plays a very important role in the European market from February to July, as it competes with apples from the southern hemisphere. "
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