Is it good to kill animals or not

Bioethics Can we kill animals?

SEND DATEThursday, March 27, 2014 | 10:00 pm | SWR television

Sensitive, sensitive and intelligent: animals are independent beings. Man kills them because he likes them. Is that morally justifiable?

They try with all their might to escape death and make noises that are difficult for people with empathy to endure: Slaughter animals are sentient beings with a strong urge to survive - and a right to life, according to philosopher Hilal Sezgin: "Life is an essential good of all living beings. " To take this good from them is an evil in itself.

Born to die

Whole branches of economy and industry were created by man in order to produce animals that are slaughtered and eaten after a short life. The perfidious thing about it: While more than 750 million farm animals are brutally slaughtered behind closed doors every year, others like dogs and cats live a good life as pampered family members. What determines life and death: language, self-confidence, your own biography?

force of habit

Humans are used to cutting animals into pieces and thereby defying their right to live. Some people try to justify this tradition with the struggle for survival. This happens differently in the civilized world than it did in primeval times, but somehow still stuck in people, according to the common argument. But why should man have stopped eating meat in the Stone Age? In other things he does not orientate himself on what his ancestors did in the past.

Common sense and responsibility

The argument that a lion would ultimately kill a person in the wild also does not hold up. Because, according to Sezgin: "We cannot expect any moral behavior from the lion." In contrast to humans, the lion cannot distance himself from his wishes and do it differently. Man alone, as a rational being, has the responsibility to reflect on his own actions and to respect the needs of animals. These do not need a driver's license and no right to education. They have different needs than humans. Like humans, however, they have a strong need to stay alive.

Limit the damage

It is true that man cannot live without harming others. Just one step from him in the wild kills microorganisms. However, it does not follow from this that it can cause any amount of damage. Sezgin: "Just because an insect hits my windshield in the summer doesn't mean that I can stab a pig because of it. Some damage happens, some damage cannot be avoided. But the ones that I can avoid, I have to deal with think."


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