How do brands motivate influencers

How to motivate influencers and followers to take surveys

Toluna maintains a community in which influencers express their opinions on selected brands, products and services and disseminate them via their own blogs or websites. There are points for participating in surveys. The cooperation with NeoCurrency now enables Toluna to offer influencers Bitcoin vouchers in exchange for the points. The company asked its community about this type of incentive in advance. The result: a third are in favor of the cryptocurrency being rewarded.

Generation Z young people, whether influencers or followers, belong to a difficult target group for online surveys. Therefore, institutes keep asking themselves what kind of incentives can be used to get them to take part in surveys. This is also the case with the Hamburg market research expert Sandra Gärtner. She follows with GreenAdz the concept of sustainable incentives: for every survey participation, the company plants a tree for a reforestation project in Zambia, the GreenAdz forest. Gärtner calls the sustainable incentive “the decisive lever for addressing the GenZ” and observes that this form of remuneration meets with a positive response from both the participating influencers and their followers. Two thirds of those surveyed said that tree donations were the most attractive non-monetary form of incentive, even before monetary rewards in the form of raffles, vouchers or discount codes.

It is astonishing that 57 percent of the respondents said they were willing to take part in a survey that honors each participation with a tree - even though a third of them never or only rarely takes part in online surveys. Gärtner concludes that influencer marketing requires a rethink in market research. Above all, this means that you have to adjust to Generation Z better and meet them on an equal footing.

What does successful influencer marketing look like?

Also Holger Geißler and Patricia Kehm from Dcore deal with the question of how one can address Generation Z even better. And they also rely on influencer marketing (see planung & analyze issue 1/2019). The two see a fundamental problem in the availability of followers. Although the GenZ can usually be found on the Internet, the number of those who participate in online panels is manageable. For this reason, Dcore developed the Influencer Profiler, a tool that influencers can use to recruit and survey their followers themselves. This is intended to generate insights into the interests and perception of influencers among GenZ employees. In addition, the tool can be used to determine the advertising success of influencer marketing through a before-and-after measurement.