Why does the player's hatred never stop

The hatred doesn't stop

Ronald Popp is not pleasant about this call from ND: »I don't think that TuS Makkabi is constantly in the headlines as helpful. It's not about religion, not about politics, but about football, «says the coach of the A-Juniors of the Berlin Jewish sports club TuS Makkabi. "But what's the point? We don't want to remain silent either." That is why Ronald Popps Verein informed the Berlin Football Association (BFV) this week how the Maccabi juniors fared last Sunday in the league game at TSV Helgoland in Berlin-Tempelhof : Bad, despite a 4-1 win. »A Helgoland player who was not used insulted and threatened our boys during the game. The referee too. Almost normal, but unusual is that two players were persecuted and severely threatened after the game, «complains Popp. In the Maccabi report to the BFV it is said that after the game the young Arab man who belonged to Heligoland's team followed the Muslim Maccabi player Abdul B. with two companions to the Alt-Mariendorf underground station and threatened him there with the words : "Traitor, why are you playing for the Jews?" Shortly afterwards, the same man also harassed the player Wolfgang L. at the nearby bus stop, insulted, spat at and finally tried to beat him. Only the intervention of the arriving bus driver prevented worse. A new case of Makkabi is pending at the Berlin Football Association, even before the nationally known case will be tried again on Monday in the Association Court, in which Makkabi's second men's team was insulted by right-wing fans at a regional league game in Altglienicke until the Makkabi -The players stopped the game themselves, not the referee, who was apparently deaf in that ear. According to the ruling of the BFV sports court, referee Klaus Brüning (Borussia Pankow) should be "permanently" banned, the home team VSG Altglienicke II should attend a "seminar against racism" and play two games without spectators. Maccabi should contribute to procedural costs. All parties appealed. Makkabi's association chairman Tuvia Schlesinger finds the "developments of the last few weeks and months in no way acceptable", as he now communicated to the Berlin association in a letter. The association wants to investigate the latest incidents. BFV President Bernd Schultz: »I have had the letter from Maccabi since Friday. At first glance, at least the referee acted correctly this time. We will examine the matter carefully. ”After all, the BFV had an observer with them last Sunday, problems were expected. "Everything is just getting more and more aggressive," complains junior trainer Popp. Usually the hostility is not anti-Semitic, but simply hateful: "A basic problem." His A-Junior team is Makkabi's first junior team: five Jewish, 15 Christian and three Muslim players. "A good mix," believes Popp. Every beginning is difficult. His team will compete at Normannia 08 at the weekend. Also do ...

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