How can I legally stream music

Music Streaming for Free - 5 Music Streaming Services That Make Music Free of Charge

Music streaming for free on the internet, via app or directly via the WLAN loudspeaker at home: good music doesn't always have to cost something. However, you may have to be content with ads and commercials between songs when streaming free of charge. We'll show you the current best providers with whom you can stream music for free and of course completely legally.


Spotify is the top dog and market leader in streaming services and should of course not be missing when talking about free streaming. With over 140 million users and 36 million songs, including many recent new releases, Spotify is currently a real house number. In addition to the premium offer for 9.99 euros per month (students only pay half) there is also the free version. Here Spotify reserves some functions and fades in a commercial like on the radio between the songs, but at least you can stream for free and get the full, extensive selection of songs. In terms of features, you can

  • access all artists and songs,
  • enjoy the wide range of ready-made playlists,
  • create, play and edit your own playlists,
  • Share playlists with friends and
  • use the popular radio function

However, if you stream music for free, you cannot use the offline function and have more severe restrictions, especially on mobile devices. Here you can only use the shuffle function, i.e. not select and play a song directly. In addition, it is only possible to skip the current song six times an hour. If you want to listen to an album from beginning to end, this is not possible on the move and generally only with commercial breaks, which usually occur every three songs. With Spotify Premium you don't have these barriers and you can access all functions of the provider unhindered, even with better streaming quality.


Music streaming is also possible with Deezer for free. This provider is an up-and-coming alternative to Spotify, which only cannot do justice to the model in a few points. If you opt for paid offers, you also pay € 9.99 in the premium account or double that in the elite account (Sonos only). There are an impressive 43 million songs to choose from, but you can also access them if you don't pay for anything.

This works indefinitely on the tablet and computer, but on the smartphone you have to live with the same restrictions as with Spotify. Only a shuffle mode is available here, which plays the songs in random order. Advertising is also on board and the offline function is missing. As with Spotify, the sound only becomes higher quality with Premium, but is also okay if you stream music for free with Deezer. So it's basically everything like the market leader, differences are only noticeable in the premium version, where Deezer does worse.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is an app that you can simply download from the Play Store or even the Apple App Store. To use it, you need a Google account that owners of Android devices already have. No further registration is required in this case. Similar to Deezer, there is a huge selection of 40 million titles available for free music streaming. In the evaluation mostly only the missing interface for direct playback via certain entertainment systems is criticized. The restrictions between the free and the unlimited version can be described as with Spotify and Deezer. As with Deezer, the range of functions is generally somewhat more limited than with Spotify.



Soundcloud is something of a special case within this list, as it is not the classic streaming service, but rather a basically free platform for sharing and discovering music. There are over 150 million titles available. Of course, a significant proportion of this goes back to the established artists, as with the previous streaming providers. A larger part goes back to newcomers and unknown bands, at best even from the rehearsal room around the corner. Users can enter comments and ratings on Soundcloud, which is almost like a social network. To enjoy music streaming here for free, all you have to do is register.


Groove is Microsoft's suggestion to make streaming music free. However, this is a provider that does not provide the free solution quite like everyone else. Only a player and synchronization with your own music on OneDrive are offered free of charge, but not the 40 million tracks and functions of a real streaming provider. This is only available for 9.99 euros a month.

Tip: Try out the paid offers as well

Even if you can get music streaming for free, it is worth taking a look at the many premium offers from the providers. After all, there is no advertising there, better sound quality and the maximum number of functions that the provider brings - for mostly very low monthly fees of around 10 euros. Even for those who do not have music to accompany them every day, this should be worth considering. What the many premium offers can do, we have in this one Comparison of all music streaming services illuminated in more detail.