How do I remove malware

Remove malware: what steps are necessary?

Malware harms the PC and opens the door to fraudsters. It is therefore important to identify malicious programs in good time and take appropriate countermeasures to remove the malware.

This is how you can recognize a malware infection

Normally, every PC has a firewall installed and at least one anti-virus program. Anyone who forgets this or does not keep the software up to date must expect malware to get onto the computer.

This can be recognized by the fact that the PC is generally slower and files are opened with a delay because the malware requires resources. However, other programs also require resources and make the PC slower. Therefore further factors have to be considered.

A frequent indicator is, for example, the absence of virus scanner updates. Many malware programs ensure that the virus scanners do not receive any new updates and thus cannot recognize whether there is new malware on the PC.

Therefore: Check virus scanners regularly and ensure that virus signatures are up to date.

Finally, malware can be recognized by the fact that certain functions and programs no longer run properly. Browsers are particularly affected, but games or documents can also be damaged by malware. Anyone who discovers anomalies here should start the virus scanner and remove any malware.

Remove malware: Here's how

Once detected, the malware can be removed by starting the virus scanner. However, this only works with certain malware. In some cases it is also necessary to download stand-alone software to remove the respective malware or to set up the computer from scratch.

Which method is the most sensible should always be clarified with a specialist, since wrong actions in the worst case cause even more damage to the PC and damage important documents.

There are various programs that can be used to remove malware. Kaspersky Internet Security * software can remove and detect malware and also protect the PC from further attacks. Since the tool can be started from the USB stick, it is also suitable if the PC is already damaged and programs can no longer be started or installed.

In addition to the Kasperky software, there are countless anti-malware programs such as Norton Security *, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Bitdefender Internet Security *. AntiVir, PortExpert and other manufacturers also offer software that can be used to remove malware. Windows Defender, which is already integrated in Microsoft PCs, can also be used for smaller malware programs.

Remove malware: step by step

Removing malware isn't difficult with the right program. If you want to remove malware, the scanning process of the respective program must first be started

If the software has detected malware, possible measures are displayed and can be carried out with a click of the mouse.

After that, the PC usually only has to be restarted and the malware is removed.

If the malware persists despite the cleaning measures, you should contact a specialist.

4-point plan for good virus protection

Keep your software and operating system up to date. Install new service packs and security updates as soon as possible.

Be careful when handling email. Do not open any unknown file attachments and beware of phishing emails.

Use an up-to-date antivirus program and keep the virus definition up to date.

Use a firewall that monitors network traffic. More information about the firewall

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