What is the difference between Woolite and detergent

Kassensturz tests - You will see black with these detergents

The manufacturers of special detergents for black and dark make a lot of promises: black detergents would give the laundry a brilliant black, preserve the colors for a long time or even work wonders.

"Kassensturz" and "Saldo" tested 10 of the best-selling black detergents in the Zurich textile laboratory Testex. «Kassensturz» wanted to know: How much color do dark textiles lose? And how well do these detergents remove stains from laundry?

Very clean and gentle: Neither is possible

But maximum color protection and maximum washing power at the same time is an impossibility, says Ralph Sontheim, Head of Textile Testing at Testex: “If you want to achieve good washing power, then you simply have restrictions on color protection. If you want to preserve the color well, then unfortunately you have certain limitations in terms of washing power. "

Coral Black Velvet was best to combine good color protection with good stain removal. Perwoll Intensive Black was the same good overall grade, but significantly more expensive.

The third-placed “Tandil Black Wonder” from Aldi was a surprise. It also achieves good values ​​for color protection and stain removal, but at a third of the price of the most expensive black detergents in the test.

After 20 wash cycles, the differences between the color samples that were washed with black detergent and the color sample that was washed with a color detergent are barely noticeable to the eye. Only with the measurement in the photo spectrometer do small deviations become apparent.

Cheap can also be good

However, the differences are clearly visible in cotton laundry, which got a gray haze after being washed several times. Only the products “Coral Black Velvet”, “Perwoll Intensive Black” and “Woolite Extraprotection” were able to significantly reduce this gray haze for the eye after 20 washes. The reason for this is an enzyme that was added to these agents.

Textile expert Ralph Sontheim's recommendation: “Black detergents clearly make the most sense for articles containing cotton or viscose, especially if they contain the enzyme cellulase. This means that these textiles retain their original color for longer. "

The only detergent in the test was the expensive branded product “Persil Black Gel” which only received a satisfactory rating. When it comes to color preservation, it only does slightly better than a color detergent, but it removes stains best.

Detergent manufacturer Henkel writes Kassensturz: “Our internal tests confirm that Persil Black-Gel is particularly gentle on colors and fibers. We are surprised that the special performance characteristics of «Persil Black-Gel» were not made clear in your study. "

Conclusion: A good black detergent is a little more gentle on the laundry than a color detergent, but removes stains a little less.