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Comment: That's why ’Star Wars’ fans are always dissatisfied

Nine films, two masterpieces: a poor result

If you ask the wise council of elders of the “real” fans, there are only two really good ones Starwars-Movies: A new hope (Traditionalists know it by the name war of stars) and The Empire Strikes Back. Then things would go downhill constantly: Return of the Jedi not as good as its predecessor, but still much better than anything that followed. I have illustrated these subjunctive graphs:

Felt fan truth in a diagram: A die-hard fan from the very beginning will certainly be able to get used to it. Conclusion: Star Wars would only have been really good for eight years - that's 20 percent of the franchise's lifetime. Ouch.Source: User reviews from movie databases and pretty much every Star Wars forum

The comparison of fan and critic opinions is even more interesting. Normally they should be more or less the same. At Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park or any comic book franchise, that's actually the rule. Not at Starwars:

What is meant here are contemporary reviews that a film received during its theatrical release.Source for fan ranking: imdb, Reddit discussions and fan forums // Source for review ranking: Rottentomatoes and Metacritic

Hard to believe, but the sublime one The Empire Strikes Back was not received so enthusiastically by contemporary reviews. Some negative voices have accused the film of having a chaotic dramaturgy, with no beginning or end. Only the legacy of the film raised the middle section of the original trilogy to legendary status - and indeed it is imperium relies on the context of his trilogy. It doesn't work as a stand-alone film. There is The Last Jedi has been received for the time being.

So why is it that so many fans think everything after the original trilogy is stupid?

Reason 1: The "idea" behind 'Star Wars' does not do justice to reality

Haunted for four decades Starwars through pop culture. Starwars are not just films - Starwars is everything that potentially makes money. The resulting overhype not only washes the brains of the masses, but above all that of the fans. The mythology is puffed up into a fan religion. There is nothing wrong with that in itself - Starwars is relatively harmless from an ideological point of view and almost philosophically valuable. Nevertheless, the innocent and relatively naive films no longer do justice to this phenomenon - that would also be impossible. A new Starwars-Film is taken apart and analyzed with an almost absurd meticulousness and common blockbuster weaknesses become unforgivable missteps.

Think back A new hope: The story is simple and naive, hides "logic gaps" everywhere and is damn predictable - so what? Starwars are space fairy tales. They literally begin with "Once upon a time". So one should learn the story of the new Starwars-Accepting films just like the old ones, instead of taking nitpicking to a whole new level. In fact, other blockbuster series groan for the dedication and care with which the new ones Starwars-Films are being shot. Of course, these films are not flawless masterpieces. But what's perfect? Nothing. No, not even the original trilogy.

Here is a typical overreaction that the author will certainly regret later:

#LastJedi is the worst Star Wars movie. I actually caught myself hoping that Jar Jar Binks would come and save it

- L.J. Nielsen (@ LyleThe2nd) December 15, 2017

Reason 2: deadlocked franchise ideas

The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi feel like foreign bodies for an old fan - especially for those fans who can join in the original trilogy and who have devoured all the comics and fan readings. New material is reluctantly integrated into the deadlocked notion of "good old Star Wars". The new ones do not cause this integration problemStarwarsMovies, but rather the old fans themselves. This tweet is an interesting thought experiment:

"EMPIRE STRIKES BACK had no plot other than running from the Empire"
—Dumb people in 1980, I'm sure. # LastJedi

- Dust Buursma (@DustyBuurd) December 15, 2017

While The Force Awakens and Rogue One were still somewhat accepted and were worthy of a look for the majority of the fan base The Last Jedion real hatred. This is mainly due to the fact that the first two films mentioned revived the franchise instead of consistently continuing it. Death stars, hero's journeys, sandy deserts, old friends - everything that was seen in these films was already established as the “Star Wars essence” in the original trilogy. The Last Jedi does what last only The Empire Strikes Back dared: move the universe forward. A part of the fan base prefers to stay in the well-guarded past. This fan literally gives it to:

My feelings after # LastJedi # / 7a6qkrRguj

- SpicySpidy-Ren (@pmkXOXO) December 15, 2017

Reason 3: nostalgia heals all wounds. Time too.

Nobody watches films objectively, not even the critics. Nevertheless, it quickly becomes clear why of all things the original trilogy are the more popular films with fans of the first hour, as well as film critics of the present day: nostalgia. A 50 year old, humorless and bitter film critic has Starwars first seen at the age of ten, as well as a family man assembling the Lego Millennium Falcon with his children. (Not that critics can't be fathers, they're human too, but you know what I mean.)

Even detached from any romanticized memories of this franchise, episodes IV through VII are absolutely strong films. But like in any other StarwarsEra, even in the original trilogy, the devil is in the details. Why doesn't Leia mourn the destruction of her home planet? Why is the Emperor giving the rebels the real Death Star plans just to trap them? How can Ewoks knock out seasoned, full-grown and armored stormtroopers? beat? And “the power” has always been a pure plot tool that is only used when it is really necessary. The many weaknesses have been looked at and accepted over the decades. Since episode I have to Starwars-Films but regularly to the logic TÜV.

Plus, it's just wonderful "hipster" the new ones Starwars- Hate Movies:

Ready for a super unpopular opinion? From a lifelong Star Wars fan? The Last Jedi was ......... garbage and I can't wait to rant about this movie and how it broke my heart. Disney you heartless bastards what have you done give George Lucas this franchise back #LastJedi

- Danny Najar (@NajarHollaaa) December 15, 2017

Reason 4: Cross-generational fan base

Kids of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s share a franchise. That sounds great - but it isn't. If you ask a 90s kid what's the best Starwars-If it were a movie, the choice would almost certainly be one of the prequels. In contrast, today's children and young people would probably prefer the “Disney era”. So the kids don't even argue about the same toy in the sandpit. In fact, the old people on the edge of the sandpit are the culprits who make fun of the little ones' Disney sandcastle and no longer want to dig with it.

Maybe are old StarwarsFans really too old for Starwars become. Childhood memories are nice, but that's not why adults start playing with Lego again. And when they're forced to, it's just not as fun as it was back then.

Getting old is a bitter realization that changes with each new one Starwars- Going to the cinema solidified. So the first generation of fans notice that they no longer belong to the main target group. But instead of realizing that you are less of a child, it is now the films that are less adult. This is wrong. In fact, the three show new ones Starwars-Films a maturity that was previously solely by The Empire Strikes Back was established. But there is another slapstick argument for the new silliness in Starwars

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Reason 5: Disney

The great Satan in Hollywood, conformity with Mickey Mouse, money printing machine and blockbuster monopoly - you can think, but you don't have to. In fact, Disney stands a lot more for quality and great family films than for "childish shit". How many bad Disney movies are there compared to bad Century Fox or Warner Bros. movies?

Also: who can do fairy tales better than Disney? As I said: Starwars is nothing more than a fairy tale. Even if various spin-off series and video games want to push the franchise in a more adult direction, it is Starwars similar at heart to a Disney cartoon.

So blame Disney for it Starwars messed up because it's Disney is ridiculous. Especially since Disney has little creative influence on the production process. That’s still up to Lucasfilm. But maybe Disney should just have a "do-it-yourself" kit for them Starwars- Bringing films to market. It would be an interesting psychological study to see what kind of nerd fantasies are being realized.

I didn't think it was possible to make a Star Wars movie worst than The Phantom Menace but somehow, Disney found a way. #LastJedi

- Notoriously Bigga (@ Eggie79) December 15, 2017

What's next?

To sum it up enough: There is no recipe for whom which Starwars-Era likes and who doesn't. One can Starwars also do not find it good for completely different reasons. In fact, some fans are now rowing back to the George Lucas prequels. At least they were still original. What! After all, they have finally recognized that. So maybe the new films will just need another ten years to be accepted by all fans. If you don't want to be convinced: There's a petition here that Star Wars: The Last Jedi wants to remove it from the official franchise canon.

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