What are some career choices in computers

Computer and informatics

Proceed systematically

Information technology is everywhere: in PCs, production lines in the automotive industry, programmable washing machines or cell phones. Who would like to have something to do with it professionally, because he Enjoyment of computers and technology has, should proceed in a structured manner can and have a mathematical understanding. A willingness to learn new things again and again is also a prerequisite: Depending on the area, for example, different Programming languages used. Work is often done on the screen. But professionals should also be familiar with hardware such as hard drives, graphics cards and printers.

Independently and in a team

Usually in temporary projects worked. IT specialists for application development, for example, are involved in creating new software. In doing so, they have to stick to specifications, agreements and deadlines - just like everyone else on your team. Here are one independent way of working, diligence and perseverance asked. Also English proficiency should be brought along, for example to understand textbooks or to communicate in international teams.

Plan and advise

Who needs which IT software in the company? Where is new hardware required? To find out, it is part of everyday work for many IT professionals Discussions with the relevant specialist departments respectively. But even when it comes to writing or improving new software for customers, it is important to familiarize yourself with the respective area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication to think intoregardless of whether it is a book directory in a library or a webshop. This is the only way skilled workers can Advice to customers individually and offer a coherent solution.