Chromebooks are good for writers

Is it possible to write novels on a Chromebook?

It depends a lot on what you have to write with.

If you have Scrivener need , I have some problems with a Chromebook (I'm not sure which Chrome apps are).

However, if you can adapt your writing style to what is available to you, you will find that there are many tools available.

Personally, I've found that Google Docs is a perfectly working word processor for writing. The ability to create a metadata file with links etc works well enough.

Although I recently stopped using these too, I've now used a simple text editor that isn't overly simple and has all of my files stored in a private Github repository.

Remember that even in this modern world there are still large numbers of writers who use a typewriter or a pen and paper.

It's all about your approach and how you organize it. Bypassing the technology, maybe you can focus more on what you are writing (I know it did for me).

Of course, your mileage will vary ...


Exactly. You can write well with Google Docs, which is built into ProWritingAid for easy cleanup. A Chromebook is probably the cheapest and most effective portable writing solution right now. But you could never pull me off Scrivener, and for that you need one to buy an MS Surface or used Mac notebook computer.

Michael B.

@ Kitsune I mostly write in text files, but I love my interface! Absolutely perfect mix of tablet and laptop.


@ MichaelB: Do you use any plugins for Atom? It looks like a great platform, but I haven't used it much.

Michael B.

@ user2859458 There's a would-be developer in me who thinks being an open source contender for Scrivener would be an excellent base! One day I could start coding it. Until then, I'll only use the word count. It's basically a spell-checking notepad to me.