How good is Costco for buying a car

Is it worth buying a car?

The buying service your credit union uses is similar to the one my credit union uses. I have used their service several times. There is no direct cost to using the service, although the credit union as a whole may charge a fee to join the service. I've used it 4 times over the decades.

If you know which brand and model you want to buy, or at least have narrowed it down to a few choices, you can get an exact price for that brand, model and options. You do this before you negotiate a price. You will then receive a certificate. You need to go to a specific salesperson at a specific retailer, but there are several retailers to choose from near a major city.

There are no negotiations with the dealer. You still have to deal with a trade-in and the financing option: dealer, credit union, or cash. But it's nice not to have to negotiate the price. Of course, there is no one stopping you from targeting the price from the grocery shopping service when visiting a cheaper car dealership, I did that last time.

The first time I used standard credit union finance, the last time I didn't need a loan. Even if you don't use the buying service, one way to pay for the car is to get the loan from the credit union but get the discount from the dealer. Often times when you get the low dealer funding you can't get the discount. This actually saves you money.

When you talk about discounts, you'll see how the shopping service addresses them. The big national discounts were still taken into account on at least one of my purchases. So it turned out that the purchase price was minus $ 1,000.

If your service worked like my experience the cost was a little time to get the price and a little time to another dealer to check that the price was good.