Is shaving legs better than waxing

Shaving legs - why it makes sense for athletes


It's a religious war among triathletes: leg hair off or on. What are the reasons for shaving? Vanity or more? Here are the best reasons for hair removal

by Stephan Goldmann

Shaving legs: - (Photo: © / Casarsa)

Non-athletes respond with incomprehension anyway: Shaving your legs is for girls, not men. Many triathletes do it anyway. Because it has advantages especially when cycling. But not only. Here are the most important reasons for sporty leg shaving:

1. Shaving legs is more hygienic

The athlete doesn't just sweat while driving. Dust, flies, chain oil - everything somehow ends up on the shin. The stuff sticks to leg hair, but on smooth skin you can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth after training.

2. Shaved legs dry faster

If I get out of the water or if I have sweated a lot, it is enough to rub a towel over it - or I let the wind dry it in the competition after swimming.

3. Smooth legs help with massages

Physio therapists usually treat the legs with oil. During the massage, the hair and the oil would stick together. In addition, the massage simply feels much better on smooth skin.

4. Injuries are more straightforward to treat

If you clean an abrasion, hair is just a nuisance. In the worst case, they even stick to the wound - very uncomfortable. Without hair, the wound can be washed out and cared for better. And from my own experience: plasters hold better on smooth skin and go down again more painlessly.

5. Lotions are better absorbed

And again they do not form rolls. So if you take care of your legs with various remedies, hair only bothers you.

6. Shaved legs look better

Ok, I don't want to hide it: the muscles just stand out more clearly without hair. A little bit of aesthetics is allowed.

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10 responses to "shaving legs - why it makes sense for athletes"

  1. easier to put on

    By the way, I find it much more pleasant to put on cycling and running shorts when the hair is not in the way.

  2. Reasons against:

    Reasons not to shave your legs:

    - expenditure of time.
    - Hair becomes much thicker and rougher.
    - What previously took 20 years to grow suddenly grows back within a year.
    - The cooling effect of the legs with hair is greater (especially uphill on a hot, sunny slope)
    - Injury formula is only reasonable if the arms are shaved!
    - It looks better; yes, the friend sees this too and claims that other parts of the body have to be shaved for your needs!

  3. Hair grows faster after shaving?

    For point two a quote from "":
    "The most persistent rumor in connection with the shave should be dispelled right at the beginning: No, body hair does not grow faster once you have started to shave."

    Girlfriend: Well ... man is probably powerless against that: o))

  4. And when swimming with shaved legs, you have a more direct feeling of water and (subjectively?) Glide better. Is particularly noticeable in spring when swimming for the first time without "winter fur".

  5. Hair doesn't grow faster or stronger after shaving. That is a mistake. The fact that the hair feels rougher after a shave is due to the fact that the tip is only really pointed and not in a natural, slightly rounded shape (whereby the tip becomes blunt again over time)

    Hair doesn't grow for 20 years! The growth phase is 1-8 years (depending on the location).

  6. I suppose you don't just talk about shaving your legs, but your whole body, bottom, stomach, etc. Otherwise you look like a bird, with smoothly shaved legs and a furry stomach ggg .. Mano, you really have to be a passionate homosexual, to want to do that to yourself. Something may only be shaved on a man's head, otherwise one looks like women .. isn't that true? !!

  7. I find it amazing that almost everyone is here to shave.
    I find the arguments listed quite questionable.
    If someone wears fur on their legs now, then I understand that.
    However, I do not have such extreme hair growth, and the hair is light and thin. What is the benefit of drying my legs faster? I don't see the aspect of hygiene either. When I've done sport, I just take a shower or something
    Quite a lot of pseudo-arguments.
    It is true, however, that shaved legs look better on women 😉

  8. Shaved legs are always more aesthetic than hairy ones - for men and women! So get rid of the unpleasant hair. These are holdovers from the Stone Age.

  9. then you should also shave your poor eyebrow and head

    legs on the hair are at body temperature. regulation. when you sweat it sticks ... wind and damp = cooling

    • There are certainly also drivers who shave their arms. The eyebrows and hair on the head are usually protected behind glasses and a helmet. Shaving doesn't make that much sense here.

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