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What is the aim of the project?

The somewhat provocative answer was: We want to make the Internet a little more religious. For this purpose, short devotions, prayers, biblical passages etc. are to be collected in a large database. Quasi as a large treasure trove for, for example, volunteers who need a short devotion for their congregation group or a prayer for themselves in a special phase of life. The existing digital church offers are also to be expanded further.

Who should be reached with these new, digital forms of offering?
In addition to the real core communities, there could also be digital communities in the future. These could consist of Christians who (yet) have no connection to a local church, but are looking for spiritual offers on the Internet. But do not worry: of course, all church affiliates should not be forgotten in our digital offerings.

What specific ideas are there already?
We are currently experimenting with devotions for WhatsApp and we are producing an Advent song with 24 Baden church choirs for the 2018 Advent season. The EKD church app with audio guides for a spiritual church tour is already available to install and click through. Every parish with its church building can register here. On the Day of Repentance and Prayer (November 22nd) we celebrated a devotion on Facebook in the evening at 7 p.m., in which prayer requests that were collected on the YouVent were prayed.

What hurdles and obstacles have to be taken into account when dealing with this topic?
We take the subject of data protection and the privacy of users very seriously. Despite all the risks, the opportunities should also be discovered: Wouldn't it be nice if residents of a retirement home or travelers could digitally take part in the church service in their home parish or if you could celebrate an online devotion at any time - when and where you want .

What is the future prospect of the project?
In the next few weeks we will push ahead with the programming of the database. At the same time, we will be launching further digital test balloons, such as 360-degree photos and videos, such as interactive church services and and and. Let yourself be surprised.

Alexandra Weber asked the questions