How can I test my illegal steroids

Illegal substances in high demand

FRANKFURT / MAIN. Customs investigators have tracked down a large-scale international trade in doping substances.

As it became known on Friday, around 365,000 tablets and around 160,000 ampoules with the illegal substances were seized at the largest German airport in Frankfurt am Main and during searches in the Rhine-Main area during two campaigns in the past few months. That said the spokesman for the customs investigation office, Hans-J├╝rgen Schmidt.

The investigators estimate the total volume of the substances traded in this international network at eleven tons. "Selling this amount could have achieved several million euros."

Around two tons of mainly anabolic steroids have already been seized in Denmark and Great Britain. The perpetrators face up to ten years in prison.

Two men from the Rhine-Main area were temporarily arrested. The arrest warrant for one of the two was overruled against conditions. Several other suspects are still being investigated.

The number of preliminary investigations into the importation of prohibited drugs and doping agents has increased significantly in the past three years. Customs investigators seized around 250 kilos of illegal doping agents in Germany in 2014. In 2013 it was 126 kilos and in 2012 it was around 73 kilos.

In the past year, the customs investigators investigated 2,474 cases of drug crime. That was 33 percent more than in the previous year. In 1929 these proceedings revolved around doping substances (plus 45 percent). In addition to doping agents, it was mainly illegal potency, slimming and hair growth agents that were involved.

Significant side effects

The doping agents are mainly in demand in the weight training and bodybuilding scene, but the side effects are considerable, warned Schmidt. This included severe damage to the internal organs - especially the liver - and the cardiovascular system, skin rashes (doping acne), depression and erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, counterfeit sexual enhancers are often traded together with illegal doping substances.

"With the extreme supply of testosterone, the body changes its own production. This leads to the testicles atrophy," said Schmidt. "The sexual enhancers are often illegally produced in backyard kitchens in the Far East, often by children, under unsanitary conditions."

A tablet could contain many times the regular amount of the active ingredient and thus lead to severe acute cardiovascular problems.

Production also in Germany

Day after day, padded envelopes with the counterfeit potency pills were discovered at the International Post Center at Frankfurt Airport. Raw materials are also often confiscated, from which doping agents are then manufactured in German underground laboratories.

"In recent years we have dug numerous underground laboratories," said Schmidt. The profit margins are up to 40 times as high as the production costs, so Schmidt. "Many switch from drug trafficking to doping because the profit margin is higher and the threat of punishment is lower."

Only the possession of very small amounts is not punishable. "This quantity limit is so small that actual possession very quickly becomes illegal."

The last tablets and ampoules seized in Hessen came almost exclusively from Finland. The Ukraine had been faked as the address because the pure transit of doping substances was not prohibited either.

Most of them had already been discovered at Frankfurt Airport at the end of December 2014, the rest during searches in Erlensee at the beginning of July. 90,000 euros were also seized from a locker and electronic data carriers. (dpa)