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What do men like? These are the things they most pay attention to in women!

Thanks to the countless dating apps, boys are flooded with a selection of women willing to couple when they open the apps. But even away from the cell phone screen, the selection is incredibly large. And that's exactly why you have to stand out from the crowd. Because that's the only way he leaves all the other ladies by the wayside. That's why we're going to tell you what boys look for most with us girls!

1. Naturalness

Anyone who diligently watches the "Bachelor" on Wednesdays has probably already noticed that most of the girls look somehow the same. Fake nails and eyelash extensions have replaced the natural look. But that's not what matters to the boys. Because they especially like natural girls. Understandable, because nobody wants to be frightened by the unvarnished truth in bed in the morning. So stand out and live according to the motto: Back to the roots. Back to naturalness and away from the Barbie look!

2. The eyes

Anyone who thinks that men only pay attention to their breasts and buttocks at first glance is wrong. Of course, one or the other look wanders down the body a bit, but first of all the boys care about the eyes. If you want to score points on your date, then you should give your eyelashes a little curl - and who knows, maybe it will work out with love at first sight!

3. The smile

A smile works wonders. Even scientists confirm this, because they have found that someone who is in a bad mood just has to smile a little and the mood improves. Firstly, the mood is better and secondly, a smile also makes you much more attractive! Men prefer to be infected by laughter than by a bad mood.

4. The hands

No wonder that many girls have their nails manicured for a lot of money. After all, the gaze always wanders quickly to the nails. It doesn't matter whether you gesticulate wildly, shake hands or eat. You need your hands for everything and automatically become an eye-catcher. If you want to impress a guy, make sure you have a decent manicure beforehand. And here, too, the principle of naturalness applies again. Infinitely long nails in flashy colors are more of a deterrent. Better just wear shades of rose or a little dark red to wrap it around your finger.

5. The booty

He made Kim Kardashian and her sisters world famous. And we owe it to the reality stars that the rear part is enjoying ever greater popularity. Those who don't have a big bottom often help with implants. But of course that is completely exaggerated! A few exercises for the booty do it too!

6. The boobies

Even if no guy will admit it right away, but of course a woman's breasts are checked. But here, too, there is something to consider. Because women who allow deep insight are usually considered easy prey. So don't show what you have to offer right from the start. Because men are much more fun to unpack instead of being confronted directly with breasts.

7. The teeth

We already briefly explained to you earlier that men are particularly fond of a smile. And what do you see when you smile something? Exactly, the teeth! Of course, not everyone is blessed with perfect-looking teeth, but making sure that nothing is stuck between your teeth can prevent an embarrassing moment.

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