Who is the richest player in the world

The 10 richest athletes in the world

Professional athletes are among the richest professional groups there is. However, many athletes also manage to increase their assets through advertising contracts, etc., during and after their careers.

Many of the richest athletes are Americans. There are 4 citizens of the United States in the top 10 richest athletes in the world. Unfortunately, a representative of the female sex has not yet made it onto the list.

place 10 :Matthew Stafford (American football - $ 59.5 million)

In 10th place is the first American and a footballer Matthew Stafford. His five-year contract (signed in 2017) guarantees him US $ 60.5 million. He also works with Nike, PepsiCo, Fanatics, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Ford Motor, etc.

9th place: Matt Ryan (American football - $ 67.3 million)

The young footballer is the first player in football history to earn $ 30 million a year. But of course, like many other athletes, Matt Ryan also draws part of his income from advertising for Nike, Gatorade, Delta Airlines, IBM, Mercedes Benz and Banana Republic.

8th place: Stephen Curry (basketball - $ 76.9 million)

The NBA player recently signed his first $ 200 million contract with Golden State Warriors, guaranteeing him an income of $ 201 million for the next 5 years. He receives US $ 42 million from the collaboration with Under Armor, Chase, Vivo, eHi, Nissan / Infiniti, Brita, Bubble and JBL.

7th place: Roger Federer (tennis - US $ 77.2 million)

Roger Federer is considered the best tennis player of all time. He earned US $ 116 million in prize money alone. There are also advertising contracts (Mercedes-Benz, Lindt, etc.). Roger Federer finances educational programs for children, which should help 1 million children in Africa by the end of 2018.

6th place: LeBron James (basketball - € 85.5 million U.S-$)

One would expect more basketball players on the list of top paid athletes. But the richest is only in 6th place. Probably that doesn't bother LeBron James, who earns US $ 85.5 million from basketball and advertising contracts, at all. He also benefits from his companies (SpringHill Entertainment and Uninterrupted). The basketball player is also known for his charity. Its funding is intended to promote higher education in Ohio.

5th place: Neymar (soccer - $ 90 million)

He is one of the three soccer players on the list. From Paris Saint-Germain he will receive around US $ 350 million until June 2022. Part of his income comes from advertising contracts with Nike, Red Bull, Gillette, etc. Neymar is the first soccer player to develop his own Air Jordan especially for him Has sneakers from Swoosh.

4th place: Conor McGregor (MMA - $ 99M)

Both fighters benefited from the boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. Conor McGregor got paid five times as much as a paid UFC fight. However, he is not one of the top 10 best earners and only ranks 12th.

3rd place: Christiano Ronaldo (soccer - € 108 million) U.S-$)

Another football player among the richest athletes. In addition to his sports career, Christiano Ronaldo has many advertising deals, for example a lifelong contract with Nike that costs around US $ 1 billion. On social media, he is considered the most famous athlete with around 322 million followers.

2nd place: Lionel Messi (soccer - € 111 million) U.S-$)

It is no surprise that the Argentine soccer player is among the richest athletes. According to Forbes, he is even in the top 10 richest celebrities in 2018. Lionel Messi not only draws his income from football, but also from advertising contracts with Adidas (lifelong), Pepsi, Huawei, etc.

1st place: Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Boxing - $ 285M)

Floyd Mayweather Jr., a famous boxing champion in five different weight classes, is considered the richest boxer of all time. In 2013/14, he was the athlete with the highest salary according to Forbes. The fight against McGregor alone earned him $ 550 million. That makes Floyd Mayweather not only the richest athlete, but the richest celebrity in the world.

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