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DC's Biggest Softflutes: These 13 Batman villains are just plain stupid

Why does Batman work so well as a superhero? Naturally, because his opponents include the coolest, most complex, and most terrifying that have ever terrorized the world of comics: From the Joker and Harley Quinn to Bane and Two-Face to Mr. Freeze (no, not the Arnold Schwarzenegger version) or Scarecrow.

These villains belong to the absolute elite of DC and often combine tragedy, comics or pure malice. Then there are ... these idiots that I will introduce to you in my following feature: The 13 stupidest, dumbest, and most of all, most ridiculous villains Batman has ever had to deal with. Warning: the foreign shame is strong with this list.

# 13: kite-man

Because of its gimmick - Surprise: A Kite - Kite-Man has been part of Batman # 133 in 1960 one of the laughing stock of the DC universe. Charles "Chuck" Brown (not related to the from Snoopie and the Peanuts) has a kite for every imaginable possibility in the repertoire ... as if there were a particularly large number of them.

The only reason Kite-Man bottomed out on this list: in the Rebirth-Universe he is still a totally ridiculous, but at the same time an extremely tragic character. He gets caught in the War of Jokes and Riddles between the Joker and the Riddler (obviously), to whom his son Charles Brown Jr. falls victim. It turns out that the Riddler was responsible for the birth of Kite-Man, which he wanted to make the Joker laugh again - Hell yeah!

# 12: Maxie Zeus

Many of Gotham City's villains think of themselves as gods - some of them even are. But not Maxie Zeus, who thinks he is the Greek deity of the same name. He dresses and behaves accordingly, speaks in Greek idioms and confronts Batman with challenges that were inspired by "his origins". And - well - it can't really do more than that. Not only is that sad, but frankly a bit pathetic too.

# 11: egghead

Egghead likes eggs (not them, you piggies), considers himself the smartest super villain in the world and even before Mr. Freeze has cracked puns that put every Dad Joke in the shade (Egg-zactly, egg-zellent, etc.) . I don't need to tell anyone that eggs are not one of the most terrifying motifs. But what should you do when your own head is shaped like an egg? Of course: If in doubt, you can always mess with Batman ... and lose out anyway.

# 10: Signalman

Similar to Kite-Man, Signalman comes from a time when a single gimmick was enough to degenerate into a "diabolical super villain". In the case of Phillip Cobb: signals - such as traffic lights or street signs. Cool. Believe it or not, Signalman even managed to lock Batman in his own Bat-Signal once. What if he doesn't earn a diligent bee with it?

# 9: ten-eyed man

As the name might suggest, the so-called "Ten-Eyed Man" has ten eyes. However, they are not on his head, but on his fingertips. And that's anything but practical: In fact, Philip Reardon was blinded when he tried to catch a bush (!) With his hands. Well, he must have done his best. It just wasn't that good.

# 8: The Eraser

Do you remember that SpongeBob SquarePantsEpisode in which ScribbleBob terrorizes Bikiny Bottom with a pencil and eraser? Leonard Fiasco followed the same principle when he made his DC debut in 1966 Batman # 188 made use of. His "special" ability: evidence rub out. What has everyone got with their terrible puns?

# 7: polka-dot man

All you have to do is look at Polka-Dot Man to see that he's a particularly weird bird. His gimmick wouldn't be as useless as one would assume at first glance: With the help of the dots on his costume, he can teleport himself, turn them into weapons or flying discs.

Nevertheless, the Polka-Dot Man is a rag: he can neither fight nor is he particularly smart and was even once beaten to hospital by Detective Harvey Bullock. Exactly: The old, overweight colleague of Commissioner Gordon, for whom everything is otherwise too strenuous.

# 6: crazy quilt

After a terrible accident and experimental treatment, Paul Dekker could see nothing but bright colors. That (of course) drove him crazy. So on something like a constant LSD trip, Crazy Quilt has made it its business to set the color itself. Are you wondering how this is supposed to work? I have no idea and I'm pretty sure that neither the DC writers in charge nor Crazy Quilt themselves were aware of this.

# 5: Condiment King

To be honest, the Condiment King was designed from the start as a ridiculous and not to be taken seriously villain. However, that doesn't make him any less ridiculous and not to be taken seriously. After all, he shoots mustard and ketchup from his pistols, specializes in raiding supermarkets, and once had a near fatal accident when he slipped on a puddle of his own sauce. Wow.

# 4: Penny Plunderer

Penny Plunderer steals pennies. So ... they're not even worth much. And he doesn't really do anything with it either. Why does Batman even bother with him? As if a villain named Penny Plunderer who only steals pennies could pose a serious threat to anyone - except maybe your piggy bank.

And in case you're wondering how ridiculous Penny Plunderer really is: The huge coin that Batman keeps in his Bat-Cave comes from him - and not from Two-Face. Obviously even Batman is ashamed of having had something to do with Penny Plunderer at some point. I can't blame him.

# 3: Mr. Zzz

Sleeping while working - a dream that has become a reality for gang boss Mr. Zzz. In contrast to many other villains on this list, Mr. Zzz keeps what his name promises: he actually spends his whole life half asleep, is responsible for a criminal organization and even manages to break one or the other bone. That would actually be impressive, but it also explains why Mr. Zzz's gang was never allowed to play with the big guys: He just slept through it.

# 2: bootface

Bootface was kicked in the face by Batman once, now has a boot print on it and is pretty pissed off about it ... That's it. Seriously. There is nothing more to say about Bootface. Keep scrolling!

# 1: bat-hombre

I love Bat-Hombre: Luis Peraldo is the personal Batman of a small South American country with a small but subtle difference: Bat-hombre is distinguished by a rather impressive mustache. And as a classic villain mustache suggests, Bat-Hombre is a traitor pig who works for the drug cartel that Batman and Robin are trying to crack down on. But at least: a Batman villain with style.

Which Batman villains do you think are the best - which are the stupidest? Let me know in the comments.

About the author: Valentin Aschenbrenner is editor at IGN Germany. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Letterboxd: @valivarlow.