What should I do after the breakup

Just don't! You shouldn't make these 10 mistakes after a breakup

To suddenly be alone again, to miss the ex terribly - all of this is terrible. You feel infinitely sad, life is no longer fun.

There are several strategies you can use to manage a breakup. Some people need variety and have to be around people all the time. Others are looking for solitude first and need time for themselves. Find out for yourself what helps you, what makes you feel better. But please avoid the following ten mistakes. After that, you will certainly feel a lot worse:

1. Share the pain with the entire online world

The Internet is patient, listens and you get consolation and encouragement from many people. Nevertheless, it is not the right place to get rid of your grief and post every 10 minutes that you have used another pack of tissues because the tears never end. Afterwards you’re just embarrassed.

2. Stalk the ex

Who is this woman? What did he do today? The internet offers endless opportunities to immerse yourself in other people's lives. Without having direct contact, you know exactly what your ex is doing. Don't torment yourself extra and read what he's been up to all day long. That just wipes you out.

3. Reminisce

You just sit on the sofa with the teddy he gave you in your arms and listen to your song on an endless loop. This is fine for an evening, but then you should banish all memorabilia from your field of vision. They just make you sad.

4. Eat the pain in itself

Talk to your friends about your pain - it actually helps! The saying: 'A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved' is certainly true.

5. Isolate yourself from the world

Nobody has to go around the house with friends every evening and party without end. But crawling into bed with your grief alone and avoiding any contact with the outside world is not a good idea. So you just fall into a deep hole - and it's hard to get out of it.

6. Make ill-considered decisions

Spontaneously cut your hair, quit your job and move to another city ... Shortly after a breakup, you are tempted to change everything and go to new horizons. Some things may actually be a good idea. But you'd better get a night or two before you make any really important decisions.

7. Want to keep in touch with the ex

We can stay friends - uh, no, you can't! The feelings are too strong for that. Better keep your distance for a while, then you'll be fine sooner.

8. Sex with the ex

It's so familiar and sooner or later it comes down to it: Sex with the ex. One time is not the problem at all. Just please don't make it a habit. Ending up in the box with your ex every Friday night won't help you come to terms with the breakup.

9. Not wanting to admit that the separation is final

Hope can be something really beautiful. However, it is the biggest problem after a breakup. Don't make the mistake of holding onto the thought that it's just a temporary breakup. That you'll get back together someday. That almost never happens.

10. Nasty acts of revenge that you later regret

After an ugly breakup, one or the other nasty revenge plan may pop up in your head. It's best to suppress it quickly. Revenge doesn't make the separation any easier, and you will certainly regret what you did at some point.

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