How can I switch my WhatsApp offline?

Deactivate, block and delete WhatsApp - this is how it works

We reveal how you can deactivate, block and delete WhatsApp. The latter protects your data from being accessed by strangers if your smartphone is lost. We'll also help you if you don't want to be disturbed by the messenger app for a while.

WhatsApp can be found on almost every smartphone and is one of the most popular means of communication. Nowadays, many people chat and make phone calls almost exclusively via messenger. Nevertheless, it would sometimes be nice to be able to switch off the app at the push of a button. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to deactivate WhatsApp. If you want to get some rest from the constant availability, you have to be creative and find other ways.

Deactivate WhatsApp - this is how it works

If you don't want WhatsApp to be permanently active in the background and messages to reach you at any time, you can deactivate the app in various ways. We'll show you a couple of ways:

WhatsApp in the Settings deactivate (Android)

Android smartphones can switch certain apps off and on again in a targeted manner. So you can deactivate WhatsApp for a certain time without having to delete the app. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the smartphone settings and select Apps
  2. Tap again Apps, give Whatsapp in the search bar and select the result.
  3. Next Uninstall there is the option To stop. Select it to temporarily disable WhatsApp. If you tap the button again, the app will be reactivated.

With Greenify Putting WhatsApp to sleep (Android)

Another possibility to deactivate WhatsApp is the Android app Greenify. With it you can put various applications into a sleep state so that they do not disturb you in everyday life and do not burden the battery. We explain how it works:

  1. Download the app here Greenify from Google Play
  2. Start the application and give it the necessary access rights.
  3. Tap on that plus top right and then on Further applications ...
  4. Select WhatsApp and confirm by clicking on the checkmark
  5. Tap on WhatsApp again and tap the Zzz icon. WhatsApp is now idle.

Mute WhatsApp or Chats (Android & iOS)

You don't have to deactivate WhatsApp right away if you just want to be undisturbed for a while. You can mute the app or individual chats instead. Click the link below so that we can guide you through our article Mute WhatsApp - this is how it works show you how to proceed.

Block and delete WhatsApp - this is how it works

If you've lost your smartphone, it makes sense to lock your WhatsApp account or even delete it completely so that no stranger has access to your data. If you want to get out of WhatsApp, it is not enough to simply uninstall the app from your mobile phone. Here, too, different paths lead to the goal.

Cell phone stolen? - Block WhatsApp!

The easiest way to prevent WhatsApp from accessing is to lock the SIM card. Contact your provider and instruct them to deactivate the card. As soon as this has been done, your WhatsApp account is also blocked. Alternatively, you can also send an email to WhatsApp support. In the subject line, write: "Lost / Stolen: Please deactivate my account" and enter your mobile phone number in the message. In this case, however, the blocking can take a few days to come into effect.

Delete WhatsApp - this is how your data disappears permanently

In order to delete your WhatsApp account, you must first have it blocked. Once you have done this, a timer will run. If you do not reactivate the account within 30 days, all personal data will be deleted.