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Medical reviews: how serious are portals?

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The German Medical Association and consumer advice centers warn: be careful with reviews on doctor portals!

Anyone looking for a doctor on the Internet will quickly come across review portals such as Jameda, Docinsider or Sanego. There, doctors are rated with school grades, asterisks or comments. But the German Medical Association advises caution: Often it is a question of falsified, emotionalized reviews.

Control hardly possible

Consumer advocates are also critical of commercial doctor review portals. As a rule, it is not checked whether the evaluators have ever been in the doctor's office. There are also agencies that give reviews on behalf of doctors. The professional entries can hardly be distinguished from real reviews. Even if the portals insist that they pay attention to the quality of the entries and manipulation attempts, secure control is hardly possible.

Better rating for paid premium profiles?

Some platforms are criticized because they are both advertising and rating platforms. Doctors can buy so-called premium profiles on the platforms and then appear with a photo, professional focus and a link to the website. They can also place advertisements. Consumer advocates doubt that the portals cannot be influenced by advertising income.

"Time" study: Paying doctors rated better

In a study, the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" compared the average rating of 3,770 graded doctors and found that doctors with a paid profile hardly ever get bad grades. 95 percent of doctors with a premium profile are rated 1, compared to only 77 percent of non-paying colleagues. The average grade for paying doctors is 1.2 compared to 1.7 for non-paying colleagues.

Doctors also suspect that platform operators are more likely to block negative criticism from paying doctors. The portal operators assert, however, that paid profiles have no influence on the ratings or the ranking.

White list: rating portal without advertising

Those who do not want to rely solely on the experiences of friends and family members when looking for a doctor can use the "White List" database. All doctors in private practice are listed in the Bertelsmann Foundation's project. The white list is ad-free, based on scientific surveys and is controlled by patient organizations. If you want to submit a review, you must provide your health insurance number.

Correctly assess doctor ratings

  • positive reviews: If a doctor receives almost exclusively positive reviews in a review forum, this can be a reason to doubt the meaningfulness of the review.
  • Check criteria: The providers of medical portals determine the ratings with the help of questionnaires. The criteria do not always make sense - check how the assessment is made up.
  • Compare portals: Compare the reviews of a doctor on several portals. Caution should be exercised if similar formulations are used several times.
  • Ask personal contacts: When looking for a doctor, ask friends, relatives and work colleagues who will tell you honestly about their experiences. If you have already found a doctor you trust, you can ask him for recommendations for other doctors.

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