What are 5 reasons to visit Uzbekistan

5 reasons to travel to Uzbekistan

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You will be in Uzbekistan discover grandiose landscapes with endless steppes,. You will appreciate the friendly local residents and enjoy the scent of tea throughout the day. The minaret chant that calls for prayer structures the day.

Discover a little known Asia

Uzbekistan is not a particularly tourist destination. As soon as we hear of countries ending with "stan" fears are raised. The region is often portrayed negatively in the media, which leads to numerous prejudices, perhaps even to fears of traveling there.
It is safe there and the residents are very hospitable. Nevertheless, the usual precautions should be taken, as in any other country. Do not miss the opportunity and visit this amazing, diverse country.

Admire mysterious cities in the middle of the steppe

Uzbekistan is located in the center of Central Asia, a region that is little known to tourists. This is where international trade with the Silk Road started. It was here that the first business relationships between the caravans that crossed Europe and Asia took place. History buffs will get their money's worth here, because Uzbekistan has great treasures to offer.

Meet a smiling population

Uzbek culture is a mix of Russian and Oriental culture. Uzbek is the official language, but Russian is the country's second language. Uzbekistan has one of the most beautiful Islamic architectures in the world, 88% of the population is Muslim. Soviet communism, however, has led to the religion being practiced moderately. The inhabitants are hospitable here and you have nice encounters.

Indulge your taste buds

What I like most about traveling is the food ... you should definitely discover the local gastronomy on your Uzbekistan trip. My advice: try the typical dish of Uzbekistan, the famous "plov" (oriental pilaf rice), simply delicious!

Wonderful landscapes and enchanting architecture

Uzbekistan is fascinating, you will discover buildings with amazing architecture. The landscapes are also incredibly attractive. You will feel the heat of the desert wind and can admire the endless steppes during the long train journeys through the country. The bravest will advance to the Aral Sea, which nowadays has almost dried up. Last but not least, the most magnificent monuments in the Muslim world are waiting for you.
Updated October 8, 2018
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