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Sweating on the buttocks: tips for more comfort in summer & during sport

Photographed Ashley Armitage.
A few drops on the forehead, damp hands, wet armpits: These are all things that are not pleasant - and in some cases also have a negative effect on the psyche - but at least they are not taboo subjects. What we practically never talk about, however, is that almost all of us sweat our buttocks every now and then.
This is really nothing to be ashamed of! After all, we don't just have sweat glands under our arms, but all over our bodies - including our butts. It is therefore only logical that this part of the body does not stay dry at 36 degrees.
Some experts suspect that in the skin on the buttocks is the concentration of a special type of sweat gland called eccrine glands, especially high. These glands bring sweat directly to the surface of the skin and they are mainly located on the feet, palms of the hands, forehead, cheeks, and in the armpits. In addition, there are a few practical reasons that could encourage sweating on the buttocks, such as that we usually cover it with two layers of fabric (underwear plus pants or skirt) - even at high temperatures.
These factors ensure that it is not that easy to keep your buttocks dry. But there are a few things you can try if you are feeling very uncomfortable about yourself.

Test body and baby powder

You can also use Dr. Try out Hauschka, which sounds extremely promising. It does not contain talc, uses powdered pure silk and medicinal plant extracts and is so gentle that it is safe even for babies. You can use it “from head to toe”, according to the manufacturer - as a dry shampoo, to matt the skin of the face, to protect against pressure points on the feet or even as a deodorant for sensitive skin.

Use antiperspirant

There are antiperspirants that are stronger than products you normally get in the drugstore, explains Dee Anna Glaser, founder of the International Hyperhidrosis Society. It is best to get advice from your pharmacy or your doctor or at least research online beforehand which ingredients the product you have chosen contains so that you can make an informed decision. In particular, very strong remedies unfortunately often contain controversial or not yet fully researched substances.
As for the application itself, Glaser recommends spraying sprays (like the one from Odaban) on a cotton ball and then applying them to your buttocks - preferably in the evening after you shower, when your buttocks are clean and really dry. Then it can move in overnight if you don't sweat and offer you protection the next day. It is better not to spray it directly on the skin - otherwise some of the product will get onto the extremely sensitive skin of your genitals.

Put on breathable underwear

Delicate lace lingerie may look pretty, but it tends to rub more, causing skin irritation. Cotton slippers are more comfortable and absorb moisture well, but they don't release it as well - in other words, it takes a little longer until they are dry again. The solution: breathable, quick-drying, moisture-wicking underwear from sports brands such as Under Armor, Odlo or Icebreaker. Some of Dr. Glaser's patients also wear them under their everyday clothes outside of the gym, because it makes them feel more comfortable.
If you don't feel like wearing sports underwear (for example because the models you have found all contain microplastics), simply change your cotton panties during the day - then you will feel fresh again at least for a moment. Or even better: when you are at home, slip into the widest dress you have and just walk around downstairs without it!
According to Dr. Glaser soak up sweat. "Sometimes the sweat runs down from the bottom and ends up in the genital area," she explains, and says panty liners can help soak up this moisture, making you feel more comfortable in your skin again. Small disadvantage: you have to change the insole every few hours, otherwise you'll be in your own sweat. That of course produces rubbish ... Maybe you will try a washable panty liner or pad? tip: Take an aluminum soap box or other sustainable packaging as well as a second insert to change with you when you are out and about. Then you can hygienically stow the used pad in your handbag and wash it out at home.
If you wear light-colored leggings or sweatpants while exercising, you will of course see it faster when you are sweating. So maybe switch to black or patterned models and combine a long shirt with it if you feel uncomfortable (as I said: sweating is something completely normal, it got to so don't be embarrassed! But I also completely understand if it is anyway).
Your buttocks get wet particularly quickly during workouts that you do while sitting - for example while spinning or rowing. The dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt then recommends investing in sportswear that wicks moisture away from your body. Otherwise, she advises you to shower and change after exercising - otherwise you run the risk of a yeast infection or rash.

Try a podo shower

Perhaps you know them from “Lions Cave”, perhaps you have already seen them by chance at DM: Podouches are small plastic containers that you can fill with water and use as mini showers. A portable bidet if you will.
When you press it, water comes out of the front of the "shower head attachment". Some use them because they want to use less toilet paper, others to be able to freshen up during their period. You can also use it as a quick refreshment in between when you want to cool off your buttocks but don't feel like taking a shower or have time.
Excessive and / or seemingly unreasonable sweating is called "hyperhidrosis". Usually this is mostly limited to the armpits, palms of the hands, soles of the feet and the face. Of course, it can also affect the lower back or even the buttocks. If you suspect you may have hyperhidrosis, it is best to see a doctor. He or she will give you tips and, if necessary, recommend a strong, prescription-only antiperspirant. You can also specifically ask about modern treatment methods, such as getting Botox injections. And again: You really don't have to be embarrassed to say that you are sweating your buttocks - not to medical professionals anyway, but not to friends or other people either.
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