Ryze is still good at the top

Can the new Ryze build on old successes?

In the new patch, Ryze has had its capabilities revised. Now the question arises: can he play better now? Last year, Ryze was a pretty good top lane pick who, among other things, proved to be a pretty good top lane at the World Cup. The result was a strong damage reduction of the Q, which dropped Ryze from the meta. In order to get him back on track, Riot now helps a little.

What has been changed?

If you want detailed explanations of the changes, Maxim's new "Buff or Nerf?" video for Ryze is ideal. The following is only a rough explanation of what has been adjusted at Ryze.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/deksOtj1WWw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Passive: With each spell, Ryze receives a charge that triggers a shield on five. In addition, with five charges, he is able to use his abilities very often for a certain period of time.
Q: The Q is now a skill shot, but it has more range and damage.
W.: The rune prison has been deprived of its damage a little.
E.: If the E is activated on a target, the damage is passed on to nearby enemies. This is then reflected back to the first destination.
R.: The effect of the Ultimate no longer lasts as long as before, but gives Ryze a lot of cooldown.

What are the effects of the changes?

Before the rework, Ryze had a few problems that the revision will of course not fix. Like everyone else, he has clear weaknesses, which are mainly in the early phase of the game. Ryze is easy to remove from the jungler and prone to champions who can get close to him quickly. That's why he goes down especially against assassins. In order to compensate for the rather weak laning phase, it has a strong late game, which is no different after the rework. By nature, Ryze now gets some cooldown reduction, which makes new purchase paths possible. For example, he is no longer necessarily dependent on the frozen heart or mind that would now give him wasted values. He can now concentrate even more on damage and, for example, buy Muramana, with which he gets a lot of mana and distributes it through the passive of the item "Tons-of-Damage".

What is still being taken from Ryze is the random factor in its gameplay. The former E in particular tended to be very unpredictable. Not only for Ryze, but also for his opponent. This is now being taken out in a way, which is good for the League of Legends gameplay as both of those involved know what to expect. The opponent can, for example, prevent a one-on-one duel in the midst of minions, since the damage is higher there. Ryze, on the other hand, will try to put the fights right there in order to achieve higher damage peaks. So it means acting smart.

Changing the Q, which is changed to a skill shot, could also have a big impact. This spell was Ryze's number one source of damage in the laning phase, not only to kill minions, but also to damage the enemy. But now it will be very difficult to hit the opponent. This will eventually hide behind the vassal wave so as not to be hit. However, this opens up new ways for Ryze to step on the foot of the opponent. If someone is hiding behind the vassals, he could use the E on a minion, which then jumps on the opponent. A new game situation that would not have come about without the rework. Of course, these are just examples to show how the new Ryze gameplay can play out. Whereas back then it consisted of just knocking the keyboard apart, at least in the laning phase it is quite balanced for opponents and players. The new capabilities of Ryze enable the fair action-reaction relationship, which Riot had to insert afterwards with several champions. The best example of this would be Sion, who has a very healthy gameplay. Ryze has now also experienced this change. In essence, he remains the same champion who shines through a rather bad early game phase, but better later game phase. It is also still the tank that has a lot of mana, which means that it deals high damage. In addition, the natural reduction in decay times make it a real spam monster. However, he has now experienced healthier gameplay, which requires a knack for making good decisions. Especially in the laning phase, he now has more freedom in this regard. It remains to be seen whether these will lead to his finding a place in the meta again. However, its potential is immensely high.

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