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    Try "manners" with your neighbors.While babysitting is most commonly associated with a thirteen-year-old girl's job, it's actually a quick and easy way to make money. Sitter doesn't just have to refer to children, however; you can refer it to houses, animals, and gardens as well. Advertise on bulletin boards and in the neighborhood to get hired.
    • If you love animals, pet sitters or taking dogs out for walks are great ways to make money. When your friends, family or neighbors go on vacation, you can offer to look after their pets for a small fee. This will help them and give you an opportunity to make money doing something you love to do.
    • House sitting is probably the best type of sitting job. You get paid to live in someone's house and make sure there is no break-in or accidents while the family is away on vacation or business. While you may only have to stop by once a day, this is a very easy way to make lots of money.
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    Do odd jobs. Everyone has small tasks to perform, whether it's cleaning the rain gutter, polishing the car, or doing a thorough cleaning of the house, there are tons of things to do. Promote your services to friends and family for a small fee.

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    Become a secret buyer.A secret shopper is paid to secretly visit shops and restaurants and then to report on the visit in an online survey. On average, you will receive around € 10 per shop for a short 10 to 15 minute visit.
    • There is an association for secret buyers, which is superordinate to the third parties working for it. Therefore, if you are looking for secure programs for secret shoppers, you should visit this association's website.
    • If you have to buy something - usually food or clothing - you will get this amount back after completing the online survey.
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    Work for ChaCha.ChaCha is a telephone service that anyone can ask all kinds of questions by phone or text message. As an employee, you need to choose an area that you are well versed in, then research the question and send it back asap.
    • Before you can be employed at ChaCha, you have to pass a test to prove that you are compatible with the system and able to carry out the tasks set.
    • ChaCha employees get between $ 3 and $ 9 an hour, with no minimum hours. You can always log on to the site if you want to work and work as much as you want.
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    Work as an announcer or referee in sports. Do you like sports? Then read the rules of your favorite game and get paid to be a judge! With around € 15 per hour of play, you get a little pocket money for participating in your favorite sport. However, you should know the rules well, as you can face dissatisfied players if you make the wrong decision by mistake.

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    Get a job as a temporary worker.Often companies need temporary employees, so you can offer your services to a temporary employment agency. While this is not necessarily the fastest way to make money, the jobs are easy as there is no time to be trained on difficult tasks.
    • Become a virtual assistant. If you have administrative experience and are looking for an opportunity to work from home, you can find a job as a virtual assistant on sites like or It may take you a week to get notified, but the work is very convenient for parents who need to stay home or to fill in the gaps of a part-time job.
    • Find a seasonal job. Many businesses and businesses are particularly busy at certain times of the year, depending on the service they offer. You can find a job for a few weeks or months in a shop or office that is facing a busy season.
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    Work for special occasions. Many companies need people at short notice to advertise for certain events or to work there. You may get paid to stand by the street with a sign or hand out samples at the mall. This is usually paid by the hour and these are short-term jobs limited to a few days or weeks.

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    Try a computational mechanical testing program.These are online jobs that give you a simple task that is difficult for a computer to do. They are trivial, monotonous, and incredibly simple tasks. The pay is usually dime, so even if the tasks are simple, you will need to invest some time to make money.
    • Amazon offers such a program in which you receive the payment to your Amazon account, but can withdraw the money if you have exceeded the threshold of € 10.
    • You can choose the job you want to do from a list. Note, however, that these jobs can be very boring. But if you stick with it, you can make some money in a week!
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    Carry out newspaper. This job is best for early risers. However, if you like to get up early, you can earn € 10,000 a year just from delivering newspapers! The best part is that working early doesn't mean you have to worry about clashing with your usual work or school schedule.