What foods increase body fat

How can I increase my body fat percentage?

I didn't want to break over the knee either, I just want to get my period first ... because the longer I wait, the higher the probability that I could become sterile! My gynecologist sent me to the Fecility Center in Hamburg, an institution that helps with the desire to have children. We were there and the doctor also said I weigh too little and I should come to at least 57kg ... if my period is still not there, then I will help with injections. That was at the end of February. Then I carefully increased my calorie count by the time I went on vacation, about 300kcal over my needs ... nothing changed! Then I thought to myself that I would really close on vacation for a long time, I did, but somehow it doesn't work ... Now I've increased to a maximum of 3000kcal intake per day! Sure, I could consume even more calories without any problems ... I'm really hungry! ;-) But then I'm scared again ... still have this controlled food in my head !! Because I wasn't always thin! Three years ago I weighed 20kg more, and then I lost weight and did a lot of exercise. Can the metabolism change through exercise in such a way that you now burn your food so well?
If you are interested, my food from yesterday and today.
My meal yesterday:
Breakfast: 1 apple, 3 slices of bread with margarine, salmon ham and cooked ham
Lunch: 2 kiwis, 2 rolls (1 with jam and honey, 1 with salami and cream cheese)
In the evening: 900ml milk with 170g pasta, sugar, vanilla sugar
100g rum balls, 150g jelly bananas

My meal today:
Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 roll with salmon, 1 roll with all kinds of salads (crab, egg, tomato-cheese, paprika cream etc.), a few cocktail tomatoes, pickles, grapes, radishes, peppers (today breakfast was served in the office, hence the various products)
Lunch: 1 kiwi, 2 rolls (1 with jam and honey, 1 with salami and cream cheese)
In the evening: 1 large glass with peas and carrots and 10 fish fingers
probably chocolate or gummy bears ...

I eat my main meal in the evening and the portions are usually huge! Can of stew is no problem, 200g noodles (raw !!!) with sauce can be eaten without any problems ... Pizza, it tastes delicious, but I never get full from one, so it's rare and kebab is a snack for me, so to speak occasionally! I can easily get 4 large spring rolls etc ...