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Streaming channel Shop Rock


Stream rock background music in your store or shop



This music streaming channel is ideally suited for the sound reinforcement of your business premises with trendy, varied rock titles. Around 2800 tracks from 21s rock pop, indie pop & rock, rock folk as well as old popular and new rock music without commercial breaks ensure a distinctive ambience and relaxed customers.


The feel-good factor increases, your employees will be more motivated and your customers will be happy to come back!



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Address your customers and visitors emotionally with the right background music in your shop or specialty store, your branch or your fashion store and thus positively influence your sales figures. If customers feel comfortable in your business premises, they stay longer and thus have more time to consume or shop.

With this optimally compiled music stream from the rock genre with rock legends such as AC / DC, Bon Jovi or Pink Floyd as well as newcomers from this music genre, you can create a special shopping atmosphere and a fresh, relaxed atmosphere on your shopping tour through your shop.




Handpicked music streams for your business or retail space


With our music streaming service you can purchase one legally legal music solution for background sound in Austrian and German retail. In the music database of our streaming software, we have prepared the appropriate sounds as streaming channels for various sound reinforcement options for commercial use, which are of course constantly updated with new titles from the charts.


A individual room-sound-concept as music stream, tailored to your target group, your brand and needs, can address exactly the desired audience in your office, fashion store or shop and thus positively influence your sales figures. Our music experts deliver your exclusive music stream that fits your company perfectly and ensures a lasting positive customer experience. For a non-binding consultation, contact our Sales Manager Christian Wagner on +43 (0) 676 84 100 6666 or [email protected]