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Typing service celebrates its 10th anniversary

The typing service - started as a pilot project on October 1, 2007, institutionalized in 2009 - is celebrating its tenth anniversary. On Monday evening, the non-profit women's association as operator of the offer, volunteers, city councilor Rudolf Menzi and representatives of the city of Bülach toasted the anniversary.

City councilor Rudolf Menzi appreciated the offer and the work of the volunteers: “For ten years, typing has been an integral part of the low-threshold integration offer in Bülach. Thanks to the non-profit women's association and committed volunteers ”. Frauke Böni, Vice President of the non-profit women's association, was in charge of typing for nine years. Tina Vils and Claudia Plüss took over the task in July 2016.

Last year seventeen volunteers supported 374 people from the 22 communities in the Bülach district. The typing service is aimed at people with language and communication difficulties who find it difficult to read and write German. In the same way, it addresses people who have no access to or problems with computers and the Internet. The volunteers explain texts and support them with completing correspondence, filling out forms or writing cover letters and résumés. Daniel Knöpfli, Head of Social Affairs and Health, City of Bülach is convinced of the typing service: “Thanks to the volunteers' offer, people from Bülach are professionally supported and advised on issues that the social and health department cannot cover. This has great benefits for everyone: for those affected, the volunteers and the city. "

The city of Bülach participates in the typing service by providing space and infrastructure: The typing service takes place on Mondays in the rooms of the work and integration program Zipper.

Christian Mühlethaler
Town clerk
Tel. 044 863 11 20