What religion is Charlie Puth

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Born name

Charles Otto Puth Jr.



Sun sign


place of birth

Rumson, New Jersey, USA


Los Angeles, California, USA



In 2010, Charlie graduated from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School.

He studied jazz piano and ended up in classical music Manhattan School of Music Pre-College, which he attended from 7th grade through his senior year.

Eventually, Charlie was enrolled (on a full scholarship) Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, majoring in Music Production and Technology in 2013.


Singer, songwriter, record producer


  • Father - Charles Puth
  • Mother - Debra Puth
  • Siblings - Stephen (brother), Mikaela (sister)


He is signed by Atom Factory.


Pop, R&B


Singing, guitar, piano


Atlantic Records, ARP, Eleven

To build



5 feet 10 inches or 180 cm


74 kg or 163 pounds

Girlfriend / spouse

Charlie Ruth from -

  1. Selena Gomez - RUMOR
  2. Meghan Trainor - The two singers Meghan and Charlie were a thing of the past.
  3. Bella Thorne (2016) - In December 2016, he watched a movie with actress Bella Thorne and the duo in which he even kissed together.

Race / ethnicity


He has German ancestry on his father's side while he has Jewish ancestry on his mother's side.

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Sexual orientation


Distinguishing features

Unique eyebrows (especially right)


Charlie Puth's body specs could be:

  • chest - 37 inches or 94 cm
  • Arms / biceps - 34 cm or 13.5 inches
  • waist - 79 cm or 31 inches

Shoe size

He wears a size 11 (US) shoe. (via Twitter)

Brand advertising

He didn't endorse any of the brands, but his Marvin Gaye Song was featured in the Fiat 500 Vintage 57 advertisement.


His religious beliefs are not known.

His mother is Jewish.

Known for

His hit single Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor was released in February 2015. It was certified as 2x Platinum in Australia and reached the top positions in the music charts of other countries.

He is also known as the singer in Wiz Khalifa's song See you Again, published in March 2015.

First album

On November 6, 2015, Charlie released his debut album Nine track min by Atlantic Records. The album hit single "Marvin Gaye" was released earlier this year.

The album contains 12 singles.

First film

Puth has never made any of the films.

First television broadcast

In 2015 he was a musical guest at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon subsequently titled "Jim Parsons / Miles Teller / Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth."

Personal trainer

He's working on it, according to his own tweet, but it's unknown what his actual workout routine is and what he eats to make him look good.

Charlie Puth's favorite things

  • restaurant - Chilies
  • colour - green
  • Playing song on piano - Emily from Bill Evans
source - MTV, official Charlie Puth Tumblr

Charlie Puth facts

  1. His last name "Puth" is pronounced as poo-th.
  2. He was seen in 2015 in Wiz Khalifa's song "See You Again". He worked as a singer and songwriter.
  3. Puth admires the artists James Taylor and John Mayer and is a huge fan of One Direction.
  4. Charlie started playing when he was 4 years old.
  5. As Charlie himself says, he's pretty good at hula hooping.
  6. Charlie revealed in a video that before he became famous as a singer, he programmed computer software in his room and had no social life.
  7. He has produced music for Jason Derulo, Trey Songz and other artists.
  8. If he could work with any musician, it would be James Taylor.
  9. He is very shy and would rather watch TV than go out with someone.
  10. If he's allowed to be someone for a day, he wants to become Harry Styles just to see how much attention he gets and if he can handle it.
  11. Charlie actually grew up listening to a tribe called Quest and Mozart.
  12. He started and became known when he posted some original titles on his YouTube channel in September 2009.
  13. It wasn't difficult for Charlie to write the Wiz Khalifa song "See You Again" after losing one of his best friends in a car accident.
  14. When he was 2 years old, his right eyebrow was scarred from a dog bite. It's a permanent scar now.
  15. He was about to die from a childhood head injury.
  16. In October 2011 he was signed to the record label "Eleveneleven" by Ellen DeGeneres.
  17. He has a King Charles Cavalier named Brady. He brought his dog Brady on his first date with a girl on the beach.
  18. He has a crush on Kendall Jenner.
  19. He was a rogue at school. Charlie was about to be suspended when he rang a bell 15 minutes before school closed.
  20. He had his first kiss at the age of 13.
  21. In his next life, he wants to be a giraffe just to find out how giraffes feel.
  22. Visit his official website at www.charlieputh.com.
  23. Hear more from Charlie on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr.
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