How can I improve this design

Applying and changing a design

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Themes provide a complete slide design for your presentation, including background designs, fonts, colors, and layouts. If you want to find designs, click design, point to a design, and then preview it on the slide.

Remove the current slide design

How to change the current design to a different design

  1. Click the tab design in the group Designs on Further.

  2. Do one of the following:

  3. Choose under Custom the custom design you want to apply.

  4. Click below Office to an integrated design to apply it. If you do not want to use colors in your presentation (i.e. a white background is desired), apply that Office design at.

  5. click on Search for designs, find a design, and click it.

Change theme fonts

  1. Click on> Foil master _GT_ Fontsview to Fonts> adapt.

  2. In the dialog box, choose Create new theme fonts under the fields Font for headings or Body font the fonts you want.

  3. Enter in the field Surname Type an appropriate name for the new theme fonts and click to save.

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