How do I fix an AUX cable

Smartphone: Repair loose contact on the AUX connection

Clean the AUX connection

To fix a loose contact caused by dirt, you must remove dirt from the headphone jack. Two methods can be helpful for this. On the one hand, you can carefully go into the socket with a straightened paper clip or fine tweezers and pull out the dirt. On the other hand, you can use special contact spray to remove stubborn dirt. You spray a small amount into the socket and immediately turn the smartphone upside down. Before you test the AUX connection, the socket should be dry again. Regardless of the method, it is important to ensure that the device is handled carefully and carefully and that no coarser tools such as screwdrivers are used. This is how you minimize the risk of further damage and loss of warranty. To prevent future contamination of the AUX connection, a classic protective cover makes sense. Anti-dust plugs, which fill the sockets precisely when not in use, offer further reliable protection.

Repair in the cell phone workshop

A loose contact does not always occur due to the contamination of the AUX connection. If the headphone jack is defective as a result of a fall or running water, only a professional repair in a cell phone workshop will help. Competent employees repair the damage there, so that soon nothing stands in the way of enjoying your favorite music.