Why do people like to go to night clubs

Should Christians Go to Nightclubs?

To put it bluntly, nightclubs are a part of the world that is controlled by Satan. You are meant to indulge yourself in sinful desires. Nightclubs exist mainly for two reasons: to consume alcohol and to meet the opposite sex, mostly with sexual ulterior motives. Yes, there is music and dance there, but singles go to clubs primarily to have a drink and meet someone. Night clubs and discos are of the world, and although Christians are supposed to live in the world, they should not be of the world. To be of the world means to be interested in things that correspond to man's sinful nature.

Paul turned to the Christians and addressed the topic of worldly practices in Ephesians 4:17-24: “So I now say and testify in the Lord that you are no longer allowed to live as the Gentiles live in the futility of their minds. Their minds are darkened and they are alienated from the life that is of God by the ignorance that is in them and by the hardening of their hearts. They are jaded and have surrendered to debauchery in order to do all sorts of unclean things in greed. But you did not get to know Christ like that; You have heard of him and have been instructed in him as it is truth in Jesus: Put away the old man with his earlier walk, who is ruined by deceitful desires. But renew your spirit and mind and attract the new man who is created after God in true righteousness and holiness. ”Here Paul describes the persons who exclude God and give themselves to lust and all sorts of unclean things because of their greed to do.

Obviously, God does not want us to give ourselves up to sin so easily and willingly. Notice what God is saying here: "Put away the old man with his earlier walk." God says that when we surrender to our sinful nature, we are deceived by our own desires. Satan is the master of deception. In other words, Satan presents us with something that appears attractive on the surface. The lure of nightlife is that it is fun and exciting. But we don't see the consequences because Satan puts the sensual attractions in the foreground of our minds and feelings. Sex, alcohol, and drugs - which are found in most nightclubs - are physically and mentally destructive. God has a place for sex, where it can be enjoyed most - in marriage, where there is no STD, AIDS, guilt, loneliness - and those who do not want to believe God hurt themselves.

God's desire for us is righteousness and holiness because He created us that way. The benefits of living as God intended us to be is much more than the trivial, short-lived kicks and thrills the world has to offer. Many who are or have been active in nightlife affirm the same thing - there is no joy, no fulfillment, there is only a void. Only God can meet our needs and give us the joy and happiness we are all looking for. Going to night clubs offers nothing more than cheap imitation. There is no lasting joy in nightclubs, only the temptation to sin.

Such places are not for Christians. Aside from the obvious temptation, there is also the issue of being an example to the world as Christians. When unbelievers see a professing Christian living a sinful lifestyle, Christ will be maligned and humiliated. We are to let our light shine before everyone so that they may see the good works and we may glorify our Heavenly Father through them (Matthew 5:16). It is hard to imagine how the light of our new life in Christ can shine in a night club. Even when a Christian does not engage in sinful activities, the testimony he / she gives for those who watch is devastating and must be avoided.


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Should Christians Go to Nightclubs?
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