Can You Eat Creme Brulee When Pregnant?

Can you eat duck liver crème brulée while you are pregnant?

Pregnancy may not always be easy. There are many questions mothers ask themselves in order for the baby to grow well. However, sometimes it is stressful not knowing what to do during the pregnancy can and cannot eat. During the holidays, especially at Christmas, and sometimes just as a delicacy, you may want to eat duck liver. However, can we eat pregnant duck liver? First we will explain in what situations you can Duck liver You can eat during your pregnancy and afterwards we will see what the risks of consuming certain types of duck liver are.

Under what circumstances can we eat duck liver crème brulée while pregnant?

Duck liver will be a treat for a large number of pregnant women. However, it is not recommended by gynecologists during pregnancy. However, it seems we can eat them? YES, you won't be able to eat duck liver, but only in some cases. Cooked duck liver is allowed during pregnancy, including in a filling cooked in the oven and also after the duck liver has been cooked.

For this reason, in order to be as explicit as possible and to know whether you can eat duck liver crème brulée while pregnant, we will list the types of duck liver allowed and not recommended during pregnancy.

Approved duck liver

  • Foie gras cooked in glasses, canned or vacuum packed.
  • Pre-packaged foie gras pate
  • Sterilized liver
  • Fried foie gras pate
  • Boiled duck liver filling
  • Duck Liver Sauce: Heat the sauce properly and use canned or jar liver and as with the dairy recommendations, use milk and pasteurized cream.
  • Frozen or frozen duck liver: You can simply eat it because the duck liver has suffered a temperature below 20 ° C, which has killed the Listeria bacteria.

Why should you prefer duck liver in a can? It is usually sterilized for better preservation. The sterilization process destroys the possible presence of the Listeria bacteria.

Prohibited duck liver

  • Homemade duck liver (terrine, pate)
  • Duck liver from the market or from the restaurant
  • Half-cooked duck liver
  • Duck liver mousse

Pregnant women most often ask themselves the question about half-cooked duck liver. We will explain why it is contraindicated in pregnant women. Semi-cooked duck liver is not recommended as it is cooked at a low temperature. That way, the boil won't be strong enough to remove the listeria. Half-cooked duck liver belongs to the category of fresh products with a short shelf life, so you shouldn't eat this type of duck liver if you are pregnant.

What could be the problem with eating duck liver crème brulée while pregnant?

The problem with eating duck liver creme brulee pregnant will be the listeriosis. Listeriosis is a disease caused by a bacterium, Listeria, that can be found in meat, dairy products, cheese, and duck liver. Listeria are killed by pasteurization or cooking. Now you know better why it is possible to eat cooked duck liver.

The second most common problem is overdosing Vitamin A. Eating duck liver crème brûlée pregnant brings a lot of vitamin A. Too much vitamin A is contraindicated during pregnancy. It is possible to eat duck liver, but if possible not too often and in small portions.

What if you haven't eaten you undercooked duck liver?

In that case, don't be alarmed. The listeria problem mentioned above is quite rare in Germany. There is no need to do anything. You must be careful during the 2 months after eating raw duck liver if you present a fever and headache, which can be the first signs of listeriosis infection. If this is the case, we advise you to make an appointment with your doctor so that he can examine you and, if necessary, do a blood test to look for the bacteria. If it is positive then you need to take antibiotics.

If you are curious to know whether other foods are allowed or prohibited during pregnancy, use our search engine for pregnant women.


With all these details, you now understand whether you can eat duck liver crème brulée while pregnant. In this situation where you are eating duck liver, you will eat it occasionally.