How did the astrologer Peter Vesey die?

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Future: the biography
by Jan Martin Ogiermann

Synopsis: The telephone will not prevail, neither will talkies and computers around the world need perhaps five copies: The past paves the way for forecasts that couldn't be more wrong. Looking ahead is a human need: in the old world fortune tellers looked for the future in the bowels of animals, in the Middle Ages the expectation of the end of the world shaped politics. Looking ahead helps us to look back: Philosophers, writers, scientists and politicians have been designing future worlds for centuries. What did you think of tomorrow's society? What happened and what didn't? The fact that we don't fly to the supermarket in a helicopter today would be a bitter disappointment for the visionaries of the 1950s. For us here lies the (comforting) realization that not everything that at some point seemed likely, desirable or even inevitable will also become reality. How do we paint our picture of tomorrow today? From technology optimism to astrology, from the apocalypse to progress - an entertaining journey through the past of the future.