I feel terrible someone can help

Bill Gates: "I feel awful"

His name is enough to annoy opponents of vaccinations within minutes. In Vienna monuments and walls are smeared to warn against him: Bill Gates. He is the enemy of those who suspect a conspiracy behind the corona pandemic.

"I feel terrible"

Gates is committed to the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus and is thus increasingly the target of vaccination opponents and conspiracy theorists. Among other things, he is accused of deliberately triggering the pandemic in order to control humanity. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Gates defended himself against the allegation that he and his foundation would decide which diseases should have priority and how they should be combated: "We just spend our money and share our opinions But today we don't make the decisions. " He also emphasizes that the virus is the most dramatic thing he has ever seen in his life.

Gates has been warning of the serious consequences of a pandemic for years - and still blames himself for not doing enough about it. "I feel awful," said the Microsoft founder.

"Digital Certificates"

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been fighting for better health care worldwide for years. This fight is now used against the foundation and its founder. It is claimed that Gates wanted to have microchips implanted in humans in the fight against the pathogen - and thus gain total control. In fact, Gates wrote that at some point "digital certificates" could provide information about who has already survived an infection with the coronavirus or - as soon as possible - has been vaccinated against it. This statement was mixed up with completely different projects supported by the Gates Foundation - such as research on digital identification, a technology that shows vaccinations in infrared light on the skin, and contraception methods using microchips. They have nothing to do with the corona virus.

Financed the development of the new coronavirus?

Also widespread is the story that the Gates Foundation is said to have financed the development of the new coronavirus - including a patent.

The supposed proof: the patent of an institute supported by the foundation from 2015 with the title "Coronavirus". However, this is not about Sars-CoV-2, but about the development of a vaccine against a poultry virus from the group of coronaviruses. In immunology, it is common for researchers to modify the genome of pathogens to make them less dangerous. These are then suitable for the production of vaccines. In addition, scientists consider a development of the new corona virus in the laboratory to be implausible. (red, May 15, 2020)