What could cause painful earache?


Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies, and Other Treatment Modes

Earache is very uncomfortable and can have various causes. They are particularly common in children. Sometimes simple home remedies can help relieve an earache. In order to combat the causes, it is essential to consult a doctor. We'll give you an overview.

Symptoms of acute earache

Earache can occur briefly and spontaneously as well as persistent. They are often accompanied by general cold symptoms such as fever, runny nose or difficulty swallowing, not infrequently also by hearing problems and dizziness and tinnitus. Usually an uncomfortable feeling of pressure in the ear expresses itself, this can occur on one or both sides.

Causes of Ear Pain

Earache is often the result of inflammation. Acute otitis media is particularly common in children. Other causes can be injuries to the eardrum or foreign bodies in the ear. Improper cleaning of the ear canal with cotton swabs or even sharp objects can lead to small injuries in the ear canal, which can then become infected by bacteria and fungi. Large differences in pressure in the environment, for example when flying or diving, can also trigger earaches, especially if you have a cold at the same time. Clogged sinuses can also create a feeling of pressure in the ears.

Earache and hearing loss

Inflammation in the ear canal or in the middle ear can temporarily impair hearing and also lead to noises in the ear, so-called tinnitus. A feeling of pressure in the ear can also lead to poor hearing because the eardrum can no longer vibrate freely. This effect is also evident when traveling with great differences in altitude, for example in the mountains or in an airplane. However, if this feeling of pressure persists for a longer period of time, caution is advised, as is the case with sharp pain. If an otitis media is left untreated and dragged on for too long, permanent hearing loss can result. Therefore, a doctor should always be consulted if the earache persists.

Home remedies for earache

Have proven themselves Onion sachets. To do this, peel an onion and cut it into small pieces. Put the onion cubes in a thin cloth or bag so that nothing can fall out. Then carefully heat the bag, for example using steam, between two hot water bottles or in the microwave. Also possible: fry the onion cubes briefly in a pan before filling. But be careful, the sachet must never be too hot when you use it. Place the sachet on the ear so that the cranial bone is also covered behind the auricle.

The warmth in combination with the ingredients of the onion creates relief. In order to fully develop the effect, it should remain on this point for at least half an hour, or longer if desired. You can use a hat, a headband or a towel tied on to fix the bag on your ear. The application can be repeated two to three times a day if necessary. Warming red light lamps can also bring relief. However, care should be taken when using to avoid burns. Please be sure to adhere to the manufacturer's specifications. Rinsing the ear with lukewarm salt water can also help.

Sore throat and ear pain, cold, difficulty swallowing

Earache often occurs with colds and is particularly noticeable when swallowing. This is because the mouth and throat are connected to the middle ear by the so-called ear trumpet (eustachi tube). This narrow channel usually helps to equalize pressure differences in front of and behind the eardrum. If the eustachian tube is blocked by secretions when you have a cold, painful overpressure can develop in the middle ear when swallowing. Inhaling water vapor or essential oils can help clear the sinuses and ear trumpet, thereby relieving the earache.

If young children or infants are affected by ear pain, a doctor should be consulted immediately. In general, regardless of the age of the person affected, if there is a suspicion that an otitis media or an ear injury is present, an immediate visit to the doctor is advisable. The same applies if the pain persists over a longer period of time. The doctor examines the ear canal with his instruments, clarifies the causes of the earache and can prescribe effective medication if necessary.

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