Is there a job for uneducated housewives

What jobs for uneducated women?

Hello everyone, does anyone here have experience with IQ tests in ADD with a massive concentration disorder?

I can't explain my son's outcome and it really concerns me. Don't get me wrong, I don't need an Einstein sitting here, but I can't imagine that everyone (including the teacher, etc.) is wrong.

An IQ test would be done on my son as part of an ADD diagnosis. Everyone assumed that it would be well above average (so not just an imaginary wishful thinking from me)

An IQ test consists of several tests and in all areas it was slightly BELOW average. (So ​​still normal) except in one there was even an 88 ...

Since he has been taking the Medis, he is best in his class without learning, IF the tasks go beyond the norm. That's why he gets additional tasks almost everywhere (the teachers introduced him, didn't come from me either)

In the simple tasks, he screws it up. Because he's just not there (even with Medis)

I took part in one of these tests (IQ). The tester also said, "Such a smart guy. The harder the task, the faster and" more correct "the solution. The simpler, the more mistakes creep in." She then took a look at the file and then said "aha, as I thought it would be, there too"

Now my question: if you have to solve 10 tasks (individual area now taken), 5 of them easy and 5 difficult ones and you do the easy ones badly, but the difficult ones well, you still only get an average. What then is the point of such an IQ test? It doesn't say much then. Or am I wrong with that? (I am not concerned with the overall IQ but with the individual sub-areas)

Sorry for the question, I know the IQ shouldn't matter. But we are all a bit with big question marks including the teaching staff

And I don't know how we should handle that in the future. The teachers advised us to go to a highly gifted school before the test, but I don't need to take the IQ test there. So he continues to crouch bored in class and bob around in front of you ...

Should one possibly do a repeat test under the medis?

As I said, I don't need Einstein, but I want the best possible for him. And lounging around and being bored doesn't seem to be the best thing, you just come up with stupid ideas.