How strong is Jessica Jones

How strong are Jessica and Luke?

Is Jessica Cap Strong Or Stronger? Is Luke Hulk Level Impermeable?


As for the Netflix show, there's enough information to confirm that Jessica has these skills:

Superhuman Strength: Jessica has a strength beyond that of a normal person, especially when it comes to her size. She was able to completely crush an alarm clock with one hand while trying to sleep off a hangover, pick up a slow moving car, and hit a man with enough force to make him fly across the street.

Improved speed: Jessica's overall strength allows her to run at speeds higher than the average human. She could overtake a car fairly easily and stated that she could run a mile in under four minutes.

Improved durability: Jessica has a durability far beyond that of a normal human being and can withstand multiple blows with little to no visible injury. However, she is still prone to gunfire and explosions.

Regenerative healing factor: Your increased metabolism heals faster than an ordinary person. It is able to completely heal minor scratches and injuries in just a few hours and severe injuries such as broken ribs in just one day. It can also allow her to avoid the harmful and long-term effects of alcohol, so all she can do is suffer from poisoning and hangovers without noticing any signs of toxicity.

Flight: Jessica can fly, although she has never mastered this skill. It can move from a surface and through the air at various speeds and altitudes, but is sometimes injured upon landing. Jones calls this "guided falling".

Go to Luke:

Superhuman Strength: During a fight in his bar where various opponents attacked him, Cage effortlessly throws her off him and overpowers her. With these blows, he can hit solid walls and dent the body of motor vehicles. He is able to match Jessica Jones in strength and push her back during a fight.

Superhuman durability: Cage has an extremely durable skin. He demonstrated it to Jones with a circular saw against his own stomach and survived both being stabbed in the neck and shot with a shotgun. A doctor's drill began to smoke as it digged into his skin. Cage's skin is also fireproof as it shows that he can withstand an explosion at close range and feel nothing when Cage emerges from a burning building. Even so, Cage is susceptible to internal injuries, and treatment of such injuries is made difficult by the fact that Cage's extremely durable skin makes invasive surgery virtually impossible. The cage could be at risk of dying from untreated internal fatal conditions like hydrocephalus.

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"He demonstrated it to Jones with a circular saw against his own stomach." - I have yet to finish all episodes, but will Jessica Jones appear in later episodes of Luke Cage? IMDB did not include her character on the show's listing. Or did this happen in Jessica Jones episodes?