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Taxi: rights and obligations

Anyone who takes a taxi should be aware of their rights and obligations. We have compiled the most important information for taxi passengers.

Note: Taxis are available Part of local public transport and are therefore subject to the Passenger Transport Act. In addition, however, apply Taxi regulationswhich can differ from city to city. The following information can be designed differently depending on the applicable taxi regulations.

The taxi driver's obligation to carry

The passenger can be at the taxi stand Choose a taxi freely. Even if he is usually referred to the first taxi at the stand, he does not have to stick to it. The passenger is also allowed to Seat in the taxi choose yourself.
Within certain areas, the so-called compulsory driving areas, taxi drivers have a so-called. Obligation to carry. That means, the driver has to too Short haul drive without hesitation. However, if the customer is drunk or aggressive, the driver may refuse to transport him.
The obligation to carry also applies to Petsunless the driver sees a threat to himself or to other people. The taxi tariff regulations of the individual cities regulate whether a surcharge is due for the animal. Guide dogs must always be taken along free of charge.

Luggage in the taxi

Whether a driver with Loading and unloading of luggage or at Getting in and out of a passenger Has to provide help depends on the regional taxi regulations. There is, however, a binding regulation at Baggage weight: A taxi must be able to carry at least 50 kilos. Dangerous substances are excluded from this. Even luggage that is too big, too heavy or too bulky does not have to be taken by the taxi driver.

Passenger wishes

A taxi driver has to fulfill these wishes of the passenger: He has to open a window and the Volume of the radio regulate if the customer wants it. In general, the taxi driver is not allowed to take strangers with him without the consent of the passenger.
Own errands the taxi driver may only do so if the passenger agrees. Smoke However, the passenger is not allowed to - the prohibition also applies to the driver. In addition, the customer must refer to the Seat belt compulsory hold.

The shortest route is mandatory

Basically, the driver must have the shortest way unless he agrees another route with the passenger. At the customer's request, he must also have a receipt exhibit. This should show the start and destination, the price and the registration number or serial number of the taxi.
Depending on the applicable taxi regulations, the driver must be able to give up to 50 euros. Count that Change immediately afterwards, as later complaints are usually pointless.

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Child safety in the taxi: child seat necessary?

A child seat is compulsory for children up to 12 years of age or up to a height of 150 cm. If a taxi driver transports children, he must therefore bring child seats. But there is one here Special regulation, because carrying bulky child seats in the taxi quickly leads to space problems:

Have to be in a taxi two child seats for children from 9 kg to be there. At least one of the two child seats must correspond to class 9 to 18 kg. Baby seats For babies under 9 kg, the passenger must bring them with them.

We recommend everyone, even when taking a taxi Always secure children properly: The child has a considerable risk of injury if unsecured. There is also a risk of fines for the driver if the statutory security obligation is not observed (warning fee of at least 30 euros for a child in an adult seat belt or a fine of at least 60 euros if the child is unsecured). For regular taxi rides (Fixed order) the security obligation applies in full.

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